Star Mag “Dumps” Fresh Load of B.S. on Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

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By Daniel Gates


This one’s just kinda… confusing. On its cover, Star magazine runs a picture of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart with the words, “SPLIT! Cheating Rips Them Apart” – except the story itself shows no evidence of cheating and, in fact, says the couple is still together.

Then the inside article headline shouts, “Rob Dumps Kristen for the Wild Single Life” – but at no point does Star make a case that Pattinson’s actually single. A baffling bait-and-switch even by Star‘s low standards, the story contends that Stewart “is devastated that longtime boyfriend Robert Pattinson has chosen to spend his life like a single guy, leaving her worried that he’s cheating.”

OK, so she’s (allegedly) “worried” about him. But there’s been no “split” due to “cheating.” That was just a bogus fake-out. And what exactly is Pattinson’s “wild single life”? Well, apparently the actor likes to party with his friends but prefers quiet nights with Stewart.

According to her “pal,” Stewart’s “been saying that she feels they act like an old married couple.” Let’s get this straight. At the core of Star‘s phony declaration that Stewart and Pattinson “SPLIT!” is the revelation that they spend nights alone together, rather than partying. Sigh.

And… the story goes downhill from there. A so-called “friend” tells the tab that Pattinson’s “terrible about answering his cell phone, which really winds Kristen up. When she can’t reach him late at night, she just assumes he’s with another girl.” Ah. So when Pattinson doesn’t answer his cell phone, it means he must be cheating.

But that’s not all! “Rob has had some of his friends from London staying at his hotel with him, and often when she calls him he’s slurring his words – obviously drunk,” adds the “insider,” also supposedly making Stewart unhappy.

What’s especially funny about all of this is that the tabloids have been inventing stories for months about Pattinson being too clingy. Now, apparently, he’s too aloof. Basically, it’s impossible for him to behave in any way without it being a signal that his relationship with Stewart is on the rocks.

What’s also funny is Star saying the couple’s done after the tab recently fabricated summer wedding details for Stewart and Pattinson. The lesson as always: Star has no clue when it comes reporting on the couple.

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