CLAIM: Robert Pattinson Dumped Kristen Stewart on November 5

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By Daniel Gates

Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart‘s relationship is now limited to their Breaking Dawn romance, claims one tabloid. The National Enquirer declares, “There’s now NO chance for a real-life wedding for the longtime off-screen sweeties!” Why? Because according to a “spy” for the tabloid, Pattinson dumped Stewart on November 5.

“Just two days after the couple was inducted into Hollywood’s legendary Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Robert – who’d been having second thoughts about their relationship – hit Kristen with the news that he’s ending it,” explains the Enquirer source. The magazine’s “spy” continues, “Rob told Kristen he adores her, but feels that their romance blossomed only because they’d been thrown together as on-screen lovers for nearly four years. Rob felt it was time to explore other relationships and move on.”

According to the Enquirer, the couple faked their happy faces at the Los Angeles premiere. It’s worth pointing out that this is the same publication once claimed Pattinson’s agent, Stephanie Ritz, had come between him and Stewart. The Enquirer also alleged Pattinson’s drinking was out of control and threatening to turn him into a “Hollywood casualty.” So it’s no surprise that here, too, the tabloid is 100 percent wrong.

Gossip Cop reached out to sources close to the couple, all of whom laughed off the Enquirer‘s break-up allegations. As we predicted, Breaking Dawn‘s arrival in theaters (and promotional push) has led to a whole new series of extreme stories about Stewart and Pattinson (they’re getting married! they’re breaking up!), none of which are true, and most of which will be brought back next year.

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National Enquirer

Robert Pattinson dumped Kristen Stewart on 5th November.

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