Tabloid: Robert Pattinson’s Drinking is Out of Control

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By Daniel Gates

Robert Pattinson

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Robert Pattinson‘s “drinking problem has his friends and family fearing he’s going off the deep end,” declares the National Enquirer.

Before we continue, it’s worth noting the same Enquirer once insisted (ridiculously) that Pattinson’s agent Stephanie Ritz came between him and Kristen Stewart. So that’s the tab’s level of expertise when it comes to Pattinson.

In any case, the Enquirer now takes recent comments in which Pattinson talks about drinking in his hotel room when he’s lonely… and makes it seem as though he’s an alcoholic boozing himself to death. “Rob’s drinking has been a concern for a while now,” a so-called “close source” tells the magazine, later adding, “He’s clearly having issues with stardom and we want him to get help before he turns into a Hollywood casualty.”

A Hollywood casualty? “It seems like Rob’s been turning to the bottle more often. He’s been living the wild life in L.A. – and needs to get his act together before it’s too late.” Before it’s too late?

First of all, it’s pretty clear from the tone of the original interview that Pattinson is not really “living the wild life” at all. His hotel drinking happens when he can’t find a friend to hang out with when he has a free night. He’s not exactly rampaging through Hollywood clubs on an alcohol binge. As for the morbid talk about Pattinson becoming a “Hollywood casualty” unless he’s saved from his drinking, it’s complete nonsense.

Pattinson occasionally drinks in his hotel when there’s nothing else going on – but he’s nowhere near “going off the deep end,” as the Enquirer contends. A source close to the actor tells Gossip Cop that Pattinson is enjoying his relationship, his career, and the free time he does manage to get. Nice try Enquirer.

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