TAB: Robert Pattinson “Won’t Stop Drinking,” Opening “Exclusive Bar” in L.A.

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By Michael Lewittes


Robert Pattinson “won’t stop drinking,” reports Star, which claims the actor’s friends are pleading with him to “get sober.”

The mag, which has an embarrassingly sloppy track record when it comes to the star, says Pattinson “turned to alcohol” after Kristen Stewart admitted to an indiscretion with Rupert Sanders last summer, and now he “can’t stop drinking.” A made up “source” tells the tab, “Rob was a complete mess over Kristen’s cheating and began drinking to numb the heartbreak.”

The fake “insider” alleges, “Rob doesn’t just drink with friends while out, he drinks by himself at home and always reeks of alcohol.” Star goes on to claim that Stewart is not helping his supposed problem by going on “late-night binges” with her boyfriend. As evidence of these so-called “binges,” the tabloid cites a photo (see above) of Stewart and Pattinson supposedly leaving a “liquor store” in L.A. on April 28.

However, if one looks closely at the picture (see blown-up version below), one can see that it’s actually a convenience store the couple is exiting, and Stewart is holding a bottle of juice. Pathetic. Anyway, the rag’s “source” further states that Pattinson “even has plans to open an exclusive bar on Cahuenga Blvd. in Hollywood, where he can party in peace and not have to worry if anyone’s watching,” because he apparently can’t do that in his own home.

So, when should we except this hotspot to open? In about one week… from NEVER. Pattinson has absolutely ZERO plans to open his own bar, a very close source to the actor tells Gossip Cop. And as we’ve said time and again, the Twilight star does NOT have any sort of drinking problem. That’s just an easy rumor tabloids revert back to when their uncreative writers can’t think of any new drama between Pattinson and Stewart to invent. How sad.

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