Robert Pattinson NOT Put On Diet By FKA Twigs To Improve Sex Life, Despite Claim

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Robert Pattinson Diet FKA Twigs Sex Life

By Michael Lewittes


Robert Pattinson Diet FKA Twigs Sex Life

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Robert Pattinson is not being put on a diet by girlfriend FKA Twigs to improve their sex life, despite an entirely fabricated story. Gossip Cop has looked into this claim, and we’re told it’s totally made up.

According to the tabloid OK!, Pattinson and FKA Twigs are “blissfully in love, but not everyone is happy, including his lady!” The singer allegedly isn’t pleased with their sex life and wants Pattinson to eat healthier and work out, says the magazine, to “improve his bedroom stamina.” The tab then has one of its proven unreliable sources quoted as saying, “FKA’s so fit it’s not funny and she outperforms him in the bedroom all the time.”

The questionable source for OK! adds, FKA Twigs is “teaching him what foods are good, limiting his booze to low-calorie spirits and getting him pumping barbells in his spare time.” The same so-called sources say that “Rob’s friends aren’t too pleased with the way he’s been acting since he started dating FKA,” noting he’s “partying too hard to fit in.” Wait, so is FKA Twigs “limiting his booze” or forcing him to party too hard?

Of course, none of the OK! story makes sense or is true, but the tabloid trudges along, adding that Pattinson, a grown man and international superstar, is somehow “easily influenced and this is a classic case of Rob trying to impress the cool crowd of hipsters he’s been hanging out with.”

Let’s first remember that OK! has a rich history of manufacturing false stories about Pattinson, including one a few months ago that alleged the star dissed his ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart at an undisclosed party, “questioning her sexuality” after she got a shorter haircut. (That never happened.) The same magazine also declared almost two years to the date that Pattinson and Stewart were “having a baby.” Yeah, what happened with that?

Regardless, Gossip Cop spoke to a couple of sources about the latest claim about FKA supposedly forcing Pattinson to get into better shape to improve his “bedroom stamina,” and were told such things as “Who makes this sh*t up?” and “That’s just an insane story.”

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