Robert Pattinson: I Don’t Understand Twilight Hate

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By Daniel Gates

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Robert Pattinson opens up about Twilight haters in a new interview with The Daily Beast.

“There’s been a lot of hate, actually,” acknowledges the star. “Honestly, though, I don’t understand the backlash against Twilight. The first movie, everyone liked it. But then it was suddenly… I don’t quite get why people turned on the other ones.”

He continues, “There are plenty of successful franchises which everyone accepts. But for some reason there were all these political arguments against it. People saying, ‘Oh, it’s a bad example for women.’ Blah, blah, blah. As if we were all a bunch of dumbasses.”

“We’re not playing it that way! That’s purely your interpretation!” declares Pattinson. “We’re not trying to make a movie about subservient female characters at all.”

He wasn’t done reflecting on the Twilight backlash:

In a lot of ways, people have decided what Twilight is about before they’ve even thought about it, and then they’ve labeled us, the actors, as part of whatever that may be. Even the sparkling thing. I get so many sparkly criticisms! But I don’t actually remember a moment of in any of the movies where I sparkle. [Laughs] Maybe one second in the first one. It’s like, really? All these fanboys are like, “You’re sparkling!” And I’m like, “Really? You must have freeze framed that one second.” [Laughs] It’s just the idea of sparkling — people lost their minds over it.

What about the acting component of working on the huge franchise?

“I’ve found that the Twilight movies were probably the hardest jobs I’ve done,” says Pattinson. “You have so many parameters to play the character within, and also you’re doing five movies where you have to play the same point every time and figure out different variations on it. It was really hard. It was like trying to write a haiku.”

The Daily Beast asks whether his darker roles in movies like The Rover represent an active attempt to escape his iconic Edward Cullen. “No, not at all,” answers Pattinson.

He continues:

I never even thought of all the Twilights as a single entity. They were all separate movies for me. I mean, I forget how to act in between every single movie. [Laughs] But I’ve always thought that nothing comes for free. You get paid a bunch of money. You get a bunch of opportunities. And you’ve got to pay for it somehow. And in my case, I paid for it by having to figure out how to walk down the street [without getting mobbed]. I paid for it by people thinking I was one thing. That’s my major desire as an actor — to have no one know who I am. To have no preconceptions. So obviously when a character becomes iconic, you have to deal with the baggage that comes with it.

But that’s not to say he isn’t pursuing what he describes as “little weirdo roles” like the one he has in The Rover. “There are about five or six actors who have had a lock on them for years,” says Pattinson. “I’m not sure what place I was really put in, but I wasn’t really part of that group of strange character actors — people who are a little bit ‘weak.’ A little fragile and broken. I guess I wasn’t interpreted as being one of those people.”

He desperately wanted to do The Rover, and knew from the start how he wanted to play it. Pattinson explains, “Even before I got the part, I was so clear about how I wanted to do it. Really the only strange aspect was walking into the audition room and being like, ‘Am I doing this entirely wrong? I have no idea.’ I had one little moment of panic. But as soon as I got I knew what I wanted the clothes to be, what I wanted the look to be — I knew everything.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the star mentions his The Rover co-star Guy Pearce (and also Joaquin Phoenix) as actors whose careers he’d like to have. Pattinson is then asked about Jennifer Lawrence, who anchors a huge action franchise (The Hunger Games) while still getting roles in Oscar-caliber acting-oriented films.

“She’s amazing. She’s absolutely incredible,” says Pattinson. “But also we’re different types of people. She seems like she’s super-confident — and I don’t have the kind of confidence. She glows. I think you can fit that into quite a few different areas. Whereas I’ve got a kind of sneak-through-the-cracks style.”

Will he ever do another franchise? Pattinson answers, “Yeah. I’d have to put a lot of thought into it first. But in a lot of ways, those are the only big movies that are made anymore.” “So unless you just never want to do studio movies, you have to realize that you’ve got to do The Fault in Our Stars 2,” he says with a laugh.

What do you think about Pattinson’s comments here?

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