MAG: Robert Pattinson Controlling Kristen Stewart On “Short Leash”

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By Daniel Gates


An allegedly paranoid Robert Pattinson is keeping Kristen Stewart on a “short leash” during their reconciliation, according to Star. The magazine explains that the actor “still doesn’t trust her,” and is “determined to keep her from hurting him again.”

Stewart and Pattinson’s recent public displays of affection are supposedly evidence of what a Star source says is Stewart “going out of her way to appease Rob and do what he wants.” When the duo held hands on the red carpet for the London premiere of Breaking Dawn – Part 2, it was an example of Stewart going beyond her comfort zone just to do what Pattinson wants, says the magazine. “Kristen went along with it, but she truly hates it,” a so-called “friend” tells Star.

Meanwhile, “Rob has Kristen on 24-hour surveillance these days; if she steps out of line, he knows about it,” says the mag’s source. “If he can’t be with her, he has her chaperoned by a friend. She has to check in with him several times a day, and he’s even demanded access to her phone and her email,” insists the Star insider. Pattinson’s alleged “over-the-top” treatment of Stewart supposedly her her friends worrying “that her new role in the relationship is unhealthy,” claims the tabloid.

What’s “unhealthy” is outlets like Star continuing to spread baseless and sensationalized nonsense about Stewart and Pattinson. Keep in mind: This is the same magazine that just bizarrely claimed Stewart was upset about Pattinson’s friendship with Uma Thurman. For Star, no angle is too lame to float, even if it means borrowing tired, debunked second-hand tabloid stories about Pattinson being paranoid and demanding the “upper hand” in the relationship. This steady stream of bogus “reporting” has little to do with reality.

Sources close to the situation tell Gossip Cop the notion that Pattinson has suddenly turned into the harsh, controlling boyfriend portrayed in the tabs is absolutely not true. “It’s absurd,” one insider assures Gossip Cop of the Star report.

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