CLAIM: Robert Pattinson on “Cocaine Bender,” Snorting Coke Across L.A.

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By Daniel Gates

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Robert Pattinson went on a “cocaine bender” in Los Angeles last month, according to Star. The tabloid says the Twilight actor was “snorting bump after bump of cocaine” while in the VIP area of the Viper Room club on September 7. It was supposedly part of an alleged “wild cocaine binge that spanned three different locations and lasted nearly until dawn.”

A so-called “eyewitness” tells Star, “Rob was doing coke all night… Rob tried to be subtle by scooping the coke out of a baggie with a key, but he was still in plain view of others in the room — and he looked like he knew exactly what to do.”

The same magazine source claims Pattinson “continued to party excessively” at the Chateau Marmont. “Rob went to the bathroom alone multiple times with the bag of cocaine,” notes the alleged eyewitness. “He got nervous, anxious and defensive toward the end of the night, which seemed in keeping with all the coke he’d been doing. He was paranoid that people were watching him.”

Star says the party then moved to Pattinson’s house. According to the tab’s insider, “Once we got there, Rob quickly suggested that the guy with the coke break out the drug again. He was craving more and wanted the party to continue.”

“Rob’s coke binge — which started where River Phoenix OD’d and continued at Chateau Marmont, where comedian John Belushi met a similar fate 31 years ago — could be a sign of worse danger to come,” explains the magazine. The Star source says, “He needs to stop hanging out with certain people who are not concerned for his well being.”

OK. We’ll point out a few things: 1. It’s odd that a major Hollywood star allegedly did cocaine in public more than five weeks ago, and nothing was said until now. 2. It’s also strange that the same source would be close enough to Pattinson to follow him to all three locations, including the actor’s home, and yet happy to snitch to a tabloid. 3. There’s no second insider corroborating the story, even an anonymous one. 4. There are no pictures of Pattinson doing cocaine at any of the three supposed party locations. 5. Star has a fairly sloppy history with Pattinson rumors. 6. Gossip Cop has never heard stories linking Pattinson to cocaine use.

We have reached out for comment on the Star story, but right now there’s no evidence to support the very serious allegations.

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