Robert Pattinson Fifty Shades Rumor Reheated by Clueless Gossip Table Crew

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By Daniel Gates

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“The Gossip Table” has no real Robert Pattinson sources, so on Tuesday the show’s rumor mongers retreated to their tried-and-true method of saying a bunch of stuff without saying anything at all.

“We broke the news yesterday that Charlie Hunnam has dropped out of Fifty Shades of Grey,” declared one of the panelists, mispronouncing the actor’s name and oblivious to the fact that the “news” was two days old.

At that point, the group delved into the question of who might replace Hunnam as Christian Grey — and Pattinson was named first. “Sources are telling ‘The Gossip Table’ that Rob might slip into that spot,” said a second different seat-filler, who works for an outlet that makes up Pattinson stories.

But “sources” also tell this same blogger, “Maybe Rob doesn’t want to be connected with another big blockbuster franchise trilogy, and that he’s been trying to kind of get away from Twilight.”

Wow, that’s the exact opposite! Then the original panelist leaps in to say that his “sources” suggest that the franchise nature of Fifty Shades is “exactly the reason that Rob would like to do this… if any movie is going to take away that mantra of being a teen vampire, it’s something maybe as big as this.” Translation: THE SHOW’S PANELISTS HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA, SO THEY’RE JUST GOING TO SAY ANYTHING.

Again, it’s “The Gossip Table” way! (Apparently, so is butchering the names of famous people — a panelist mispronounces “Ian Somerhalder” later in the segment.)

So what’s actually going on? We’re told Pattinson is NOT doing Fifty Shades of Grey. Obviously, the re-casting news is going to be big, and a lot of actors have been floated for the role.

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