Star Mag in Panic Over Robert Pattinson and Caitlin Cronenberg

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Robert Pattinson Paparazzi

By Daniel Gates

(Getty Images)

There’s nothing going on between Robert Pattinson and Caitlin Cronenberg. But Star magazine doesn’t seem to care.

“Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are in major crisis talks about their relationship – after she saw pictures of him with his stunning new love interest!” announces the tabloid, which claims Stewart is an “emotional wreck” because Pattinson and Cronenberg have been “canoodling.” Wait. “Canoodling”? “Love interest”?

Um, Cronenberg, the photographer daughter of Cosmopolis director David Cronenberg, has been working on the set. Pattinson stars in the movie. That’s it. That’s the connection. Except Star alleges that Stewart “heard through the grapevine that Rob and Caitlin were all over each other” at the July 14 wrap party. Really? Because the only photo Star can muster from the event shows Pattinson and Cronenberg standing next to each other, and not even touching.

We’re not sure Star knows what “canoodling” is — or “major crisis” or “love interest” or emotional wreck” or any of the other charged phrases the tabloid uses to make a complete non-story seem scandalous. A so-called “source” for Star says Stewart is “dating one of the most desirable men in the world, so any time they spend apart, she will always be questioning his fidelity!” No, that’s why the magazine will be questioning Pattinson’s fidelity any time he and Stewart are in different cities. And, as is so often the case, Star comes up empty.

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