Robert Pattinson Going to Business School?

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By Daniel Gates


Robert Pattinson is going back to school, claims the National Enquirer. The tabloid says the Twilight star “wants to shift gears and produce his own movies,” and plans to “sharpen his business skills by taking college-level courses on the way to becoming a Hollywood exec.” One so-called “close friend” tells the Enquirer that Pattinson has “talked about enrolling in night classes now that his ‘Twilight’ obligations are over.” What? According to the mag’s “insider,” Pattinson has signed on to do six films in 2013 “but feels he could do course work during his downtime on movie sets.”

“Rob’s seriously looking into UCLA business school so he can stay in Hollywood and continue to act, but he’s also looking at other cities,” explains the Enquirer source. “The Stern School of Business at New York University is an option because he and [Kristen Stewart] both love New York.” OK. “Other options are Harvard Business School in Allston, Mass., Wharton in Pennsylvania and even a correspondence course with a university in England,” adds the tabloid insider, who apparently knows how to flip the pages of a guide to business schools.

We’re guessing that’s the only research that went into this story, since the rest of it makes zero logical sense. According to the Enquirer, Pattinson supposedly has all the time in the world for school now that Twilight is done… except he’s doing several movies this year, so he would have to take his business classes during “downtime” on set. Oh, and he wants to go in person to courses near Hollywood… unless he goes to New York because he and Stewart love it so much… or just decides to do it by mail? Uh-huh.

Of course, the same publication falsely claimed Stewart is getting a boob job and called Pattinson a drunk, so its familiarity with the couple’s plans is pretty much limited to bad sources’ scattershot speculation. An actual source close to Pattinson (who already executive produced 2010’s Remember Me) tells Gossip Cop the actor currently has no plans to take business classes.

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