Robert Pattinson Calls Himself A “Bullsh*t Artist,” Says He Likes To “Shock People”

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Robert Pattinson Interview

By Shari Weiss

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According to Robert Pattinson himself, he’s a “bullsh*t artist,” at least when it comes to trying to score a movie role.

“I’m quite good at doing meetings. If I’m just meeting someone about a job I’m like a dog, especially if my agent’s said to me: ‘A lot of people want this job.’ Then I’m like: ‘Oh yeah? Then I will do anything to get it!’” he shares in a new interview with The Guardian.

Pattinson continues, “I don’t know, I just become a bullsh*t artist! That’s when I start acting! I’m really much better at doing it when the cameras aren’t rolling.”

When it comes time for the actual audition, the movie star says he struggles greatly. “I just can’t… I literally can’t do it,” he explains. “It’s just me looking uncomfortable, trying to put on an American accent… or sitting in the corner, making myself throw up and punching myself in the face.”

Pattinson says the nervousness is all worth it in the end, noting, “For whatever reason, I think there’s something profoundly satisfying about being able to watch something you’ve done afterwards, or to just do a scene and feel like: ‘Oh, I just had an out-of-body experience for a second!’”

The actor calls his role as Edward in the Twilight Saga “probably the hardest part I’ve done.” “Because to do it for five movies, it’s really hard to think of stuff that’s maybe not boring,” says Pattinson, adding, “Especially if you don’t die. Because what’s the drama? You’re not scared of anything! And that’s the whole essence of drama: life and death.”

The Rover star goes on to reveal that he could see himself tackling theater — whether it be as an actor or a playwright. He reveals, “I was trying to write a play the other day and I showed it to my assistant and didn’t quite realize how bad it was. I was writing it totally by myself in the middle of the night thinking: ‘This is how you do it! You just stay up all night and keep writing!’”

“She came in the next morning, and I’d been up all night writing. I said to her: ‘You have to read this! It’s amazing!’” continues Pattinson. “And then she said: ‘It’s not in English … and half the time you haven’t even put the character names in so it’s just a stream of consciousness.'”

Despite the rough start, Pattinson would like to do “something in a really small theater.” “I don’t think I could do something on Broadway… But I’d quite like to do something kind of shocking,” he says.

First up, however, is Idol’s Eye with Robert De Niro, a movie that he believes will fit the “shocking” bill, with Pattinson describing his criminal character as “this slightly delusional lost child.” He comments, “Everyone always glamorizes criminals — it feels inevitable in movies — but in this it’s really not glamorized. It is quite dense. It’s really serious. Very political.”

And that’s more than fine with him. “It’s kind of fun,” says Pattinson. “Because people have preconceived ideas about you, and sometimes it affords you the opportunity to shock people more.”

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