CLAIM: Kristen Stewart Called Robert Pattinson “Bad In Bed,” Ruining Reunion

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By Daniel Gates


This is beyond ridiculous. Star magazine wants its own angle on reports of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart possibly reuniting, so the tabloid flatly declares that all talk about the Twilight stars renewing their romance is bogus.

Why? Because according to the tab, Stewart has “broken his heart again — by telling friends he’s a lousy lover!”

What? “Insiders dish that after the cheating scandal with Rupert Sanders broke, Kristen confided to pals that the married man gave her more sexual pleasure than her live-in boyfriend of three years,” alleges Star, which says that “this was the last straw” for Pattinson. A so-called “friend” explains, “Rob couldn’t believe that Kristen was telling everyone that he’s bad in bed. Not only did she cheat on him, she humiliated him. Now that he’s heard about the rumors she’s been spreading, there’s no chance [he’ll take her back].”

Let’s get this straight. Despite being years into a relationship noteworthy for its discretion, Stewart’s decision right after the Sanders story broke was to gab to “friends” all about her sex life with Pattinson, and to bash him? And now, two months after the scandal, the “last straw” for Pattinson in supposedly deciding not to get back together is because Stewart has been gossiping behind his back? Even though nothing of the sort was even hinted at in the weeks after the incident, when Stewart’s every move and utterance was scrutinized?

Star knows this story is nonsense, which is why the tabloid covers itself by saying that if Pattinson and Stewart do reconcile, it can only be a “cheap publicity stunt” for Breaking Dawn. “Faking it will be hard for Rob — he can barely say Kristen’s name without flinching,” explains a Star source. Right… except they’ve already met up in person. Of course, if Stewart and Pattinson do not wind up together in the long term, Star can claim it was all because she accused him of being a “boring lover,” because it’s the type of phony allegation a random “source” can always feed to the tab. And if they do stay together, Star will just pretend it never published this story.

It’s no great mystery why magazines like Star publish sensational reports like this one, or why outlets like HollywoodLife happily spread them. But it’s exactly this type of claptrap that made Pattinson say the tabloid industry is “terrible” and “makes people stupid.”

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