CLAIM: Ashley Greene “Making Moves” on Robert Pattinson

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By Daniel Gates



It’s been one of the more popular themes in tabloid journalism over the last couple of years: If Robert Pattinson is anywhere near another woman in a professional context, it’s (allegedly) reason for Kristen Stewart to worry. If an adult female works in Hollywood and her career intersects (or is even rumored to intersect) with Pattinson’s… it’s instant (100% bogus) scandal!

At various points in the past it’s been Keira Knightley, and don’t forget the supposed “threat” once posed by Reese Witherspoon! There were rumors about Uma Thurman and also Emilie de Ravin. Romantic challenges could come from unexpected people like Caitlin Cronenberg, or even Pattinson’s agent.

Basically, as long as Pattinson makes movies, tabloids will make scandals. The newest one involves Breaking Dawn co-star Ashley Greene, who’s been promoting the film with Pattinson – and allegedly “getting close” to him, too.

Star magazine’s so-called “insider” says that with Stewart off filming her own movie, “Ashley is making moves on Rob.” “They have been on romantic dates, just the two of them. Ashley is forward – she made it known that she wants something more than a friendship,” claims this Star source.

The same insider for the mag relates, “Kristen has warned Rob to keep his distance from Ashley and is furious with him for not obeying.” Uh-huh. Unfortunately, Pattinson is unable to “keep his distance” from Greene because they are working.

They are pushing Breaking Dawn in foreign markets together. That is what actors do. They are not sharing romantic meals, they are not getting too “close,” and Stewart is not panicking about any kind of hookup.

Sources close to all parties tell Gossip Cop the Greene-Pattinson rumors are more of the same nonsense that’s dogged both stars as their fame has grown. The tabloid declares, “With friends like Ashley Greene, Kristen Stewart doesn’t need enemies.” And with Star printing stories like these, the world doesn’t need The Onion.

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