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Jimmy Fallon: Robert Pattinson is “Bothered” By Thanksgiving (VIDEO)



Jimmy Fallon did another installment of his Robert Pattinson-themed “Robert is bothered,” and this time turned his fake wrath on Thanksgiving.


In the past, the late night talk show host dressed as Pattinson has been “bothered” by Valentine’s Day and Christmas shopping, but now he says Thanksgiving really “bothers me.”

Pattinson feels, “Thanksgiving is stupid. Which day is it anyway? Oh, I know… It’s the fourth Thursday in November. What kind of day is that?!”

He also takes swipes as the holiday’s origins and food.

“Thanksgiving sucks,” says Pattinson, who adds “turkeys are stupid. They bother me,” and stuffing’s “cooked in a butt. Not sanity!”

Check out MORE of Fallon’s hilarious “Robert is bothered” sketch below!

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