VIDEO: Robert Downey, Jr. and Jimmy Fallon’s Hilarious “Intense Staredown”

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Robert Downey Jr Jimmy Fallon

By Daniel Gates


Robert Downey Jr Jimmy Fallon


Robert Downey, Jr. joined Jimmy Fallon for an “intense staredown” on Wednesday’s “Tonight Show.”

The two men, perched on a mountaintop, pondered the mysteries of the world in voiceover.

For instance, we hear Downey’s internal monologue: “Hark! I hear the calling of the essential elements of the universe. Earth, air, water, fire, Domino’s stuff-crust pepperoni pizza! Nom nom. Nom nom. Nom nom.”

Fallon, meanwhile, reveals: “Every hair on my body has its own story. This hair tells the story of the virgin goddess Athena. This hair tells the story of the slain dragon king Onaga. This one tells the story of a man named Brady who married a slut with three kids.”

Check out the video below!


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