Rob Reiner Compares Tea Party To Hamas (VIDEO)

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Rob Reiner Hamas Tea Party

By Daniel Gates


Rob Reiner Hamas Tea Party


Rob Reiner equates the Tea Party with the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. In an interview with Larry King, the actor-director shockingly compares the two, saying it’s impossible to negotiate with either. Check out the video below!

Describing Hamas as an obstacle to any peace between Israelis and Palestinians, Reiner notes that Hamas has “written into their playbook, the destruction of Israel, the destruction of every Jew on the planet… You can’t negotiate with that.” Explaining that a “virulent faction of a really strong fundamental group can control everything,” he then likens the situation to the one in American politics.

Reiner says, “Look at the Congress right now in the United States, you’ve got a strong Tea Party group controlling the whole country, because they have a gridlock, they have a gridlock stranglehold on [House Speaker John] Boehner.” Reiner adds, “Anytime you’re dealing with an extreme group, you cannot negotiate with them, and the way to do it is to eliminate it.”

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