Rob Kardashian Does NOT Think Own Family Leaked Alleged Sizzurp Pictures

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By Daniel Gates

Rob Kardashian sizzurp

(Getty Images)

Rob Kardashian believes his own family leaked the pictures in which he’s allegedly using sizzurp, claims RadarOnline. The outlet, which Gossip Cop had to correct for posting false stories nine times last month, has routinely demonstrated that its Kardashian “sources” seem to really just be random people whose wrong guesses RadarOnline is all too happy to publish.

In this case, a “source” tells RadarOnline, “Rob absolutely believes that his family, specifically, sister, Kim, have leaked information about his alleged drug use to the media… She was so angry at Rob for abruptly leaving her wedding festivities, and he thinks she did this as revenge.”

“The two haven’t been close for a very long time, and are virtual strangers to each other,” the insider tells the webloid. Oh, please. This is about RadarOnline trying to find a new angle on a week-old story, and doing its best to manufacture a family squabble. And it wouldn’t be the first time. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the latest report suggesting Kim leaked drug photos of her brother is “pretty low” and totally wrong.

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