CLAIM: Rob Kardashian Set To Expose Family’s “Darkest Secrets” In New Book

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(In Touch)

By Daniel Gates

(In Touch)

Rob Kardashian is set to expose his family’s “darkest secrets” in a “revenge tell-all” book, claims In Touch. The tabloid says Kardashian was “humiliated” by his loved ones and plans to “get even” by spilling “the truth about everything, from what they’ve faked for their reality show to their obsession with plastic surgery (and their butts!) to the identity of Khloe’s real father.”

A “friend” explains to the outlet, “He’s a loose cannon who hates most members of his family and thinks they’ve ruined his life.” “He could earn $20 million with what he knows,” says a so-called “publishing expert” who apparently knows nothing about publishing, because no one, not even presidents, is given that much money to write a book.

In Touch blathers on and on about how much Kardashian allegedly hates his family, and as for the alleged “secrets” he could reveal, regurgitates old rumors about a purported Kris Jenner sex tape, Khloe’s paternity, Kim’s alleged plastic surgery, and so forth. It’s all old, debunked nonsense from a magazine that’s been making up stories, even faking stories, about the Kardashians on its cover forever.

In Touch keeps fabricating reports, stuff that winds up being demonstrably false. Enough already. When In Touch gets some real sources, we’ll start taking them seriously. A source close to the family tells Gossip Cop the latest story about Rob’s alleged book is “ridiculous.”

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