Rita Ora Drugged Up After Wisdom Teeth Surgery — WATCH WEIRD VIDEO

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Rita Ora Wisdom Teeth Video

By Shari Weiss


Rita Ora Wisdom Teeth Video


Rita Ora posted a wacky video of herself all drugged up after wisdom teeth surgery. Watch below.

The singer underwent the procedure on Thursday, and, like many patients, she wasn’t exactly “with it” afterwards, as the anesthesia involved is usually pretty powerful. So what better time, then, for someone to record her with a camera, right? In the weird clip, a dazed and confused Ora is resting after the surgery, and appears to have chicken on her mind, though she’s not exactly speaking clearly.

A nurse, or perhaps the person filming the star, says to Ora, “Pardon? I don’t know what you’re saying. But that’s okay, you don’t need to talk.” She doesn’t respond, however, and instead appears to fall asleep. Ora posted the video on Instagram Thursday night, writing, “So I just took my wisdom teeth out and I think what I’m trying to say is chickens….oh god watching this back I don’t remember anything!!!!! Straight to bed for me…byeeeeee.”

The disorientation people experience coming out of surgery has led to many priceless viral videos over the years, and now Ora may join those ranks. She’s also not the only star to recently undergo the routine procedure. Miley Cyrus had her own wisdom teeth removed two weeks ago, and even shared a picture of the pieces on Instagram.

Update: Unfortunately, a few days later Ora removed the video.

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