Rihanna Scores Third Vogue Cover, Says “I Don’t Go Out Of My Way To Be A Rebel”

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By Shari Weiss


Rihanna has scored her THIRD coveted Vogue cover. For the March 2014 issue, the magazine explores “The Rihanna Effect,” examining “how the unstoppable pop diva became a full-on fashion force.”

In the feature, a number of high-profile designers call Rihanna their “muse,” and the singer reveals she might give them some competition with a serious fashion line of her own.

“It’s not all down to my voice. There’s people with way more talent than I when it comes to singing. Bigger voices,” she tells the magazine. “But people want to know who you are. Fashion is a clear indication, a way to express your attitude, your mood.”

Rihanna reveals she was “very much a boy in my style [and] demeanor” when she became a teen, saying it was her “way of rebelling.”

“I wanted to dress like my brother. After a while, it was just easier for Mom to dress us both the same. We wore the same jeans, the same T-shirts,” she confesses.

Her personal style has since gone through many iterations, with Rihanna making big statements these days with her hair, shoes, and jewelery.

Of her sometimes crazy footwear, the fashionista declares, “It’s not about pain. It’s about the commitment. I say to myself, ‘I want to look like this,’ and worry about the pain later. I’ve had nights I had to tiptoe home and the balls of my feet wouldn’t even allow me to stand.”

Rihanna goes on to admit that most of her jewelry is “fake,” from mall chains like Claire’s, and says she keeps “two main hair people” with her.

“I’m like, ‘I’m bored! I wanna change my hair!’” she tells the mag. “That’s the good thing about a weave. You can do whatever with it.”

The music star, who says she usually “hide[s] out” in hotels while on tour, has given up Los Angeles with a full-time move to New York, calling the city’s infamously tiny closets one of the perks.

“I want a smaller closet. I want simpler. I want to just take it back to what’s important,” she says.

Rihanna further shares that despite being viewed as controversial, “I don’t go out of my way to be a rebel or to have that perception, but a lot of the decisions I make, a lot of the direction I want to move, is against the grain, or against society’s tight lane, and I’m aware of that sometimes.”

“It might not be fitting with the norm, but that’s OK for me,” she adds.

Rihanna, who says she has “a very firm relationship with God,” goes on, “I never wanted to be famous. I just wanted my music to be heard all over the world. Then it happened and the fame came with it. I can’t ever imagine feeling used to it.”

And besides using her voice and clothing to express herself, she increasingly relies on social media.

“Instagram is my way of communicating to the world. When I’m on tour, I keep fans in the loop. I don’t really think about it too much. Literally, I can be sitting in a car and be bored, so I do a selfie just because I’m bored. Or if my dog is running around in circles and I think that’s funny, I put it on Instagram,” says Rihanna.

But the singer also uses the photo-sharing service for personal inspiration.

“I follow girls from the Middle East. It gives you ideas,” she says.

The full interview hits newsstands on February 25.

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