Site Shamefully Posts Rihanna’s “Period” Pictures To Explain Why She Was Upset About Paparazzi Swarm

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Rihanna Period Photo

By Shari Weiss

Rihanna Period Photo

(Getty Images)

MediaTakeOut is disgusting. Gossip Cop is going to come right out and say it, after years of correcting the webloid’s fabricated, sensational, and inappropriate articles. A new story about Rihanna, published on Tuesday, unfortunately takes MediaTakeOut’s “reporting” into a whole different realm of awfulness.

MediaTakeOut, blared the headline, “NO WONDER Rihanna Was CURSING OUT FOLK Last Night . . . It Was HER TIME OF THE MONTH!! (Rih PERIOD PICS Inside).” Yes, MediaTakeOut actually published pictures that it proclaims are proof Rihanna is on her period. But more on that in a minute.

“Rihanna was video’s SCREAMING at a paparazzi guy last night – and people were wondering . . . why did she BLACK OUT on dude like that. Well, it’s because it was GER TIME OF THE MONTH . . . and so she has an EXCUSE!!” wrote the despicable site, complete with typos. Accompanying the text was a video, taken outside Monday’s British Fashion Awards in London, that clearly shows Rihanna getting absolutely mobbed by paparazzi and unable to move. She does not need an “excuse” for trying to get through the crowd, even if she was angry about the situation.

But the worst part of MediaTakeOut’s story is the photos, which zoom in on Rihanna’s crotch, with the caption “Rihanna had on a pad…” Seriously?! It should go without saying that NO SITE should be publishing such a thing under any circumstance, but here is MediaTakeOut, screaming about “period pics,” publishing photos of Rihanna’s crotch, and making up some story about how it’s an “excuse” for her understandable frustration with the paparazzi. It’s one of the foulest stories Gossip Cop has come across — and we’ve see a lot of questionable things over the years.

MediaTakeOut has such a habit of getting information wrong that it has earned the nickname MediaFakeOut. But it also exploits celebrities, as seen here with the horrid Rihanna period story, in such a way that makes it among the very worst in online media. MediaTakeOut should be ashamed.

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