Rihanna Slams Indiana Over “Bullsh*t” Religious Freedom Restoration Act (VIDEO)

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Rihanna Indiana

By Minyvonne Burke


Rihanna Indiana

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Rihanna slammed Indiana over its controversial new Religious Freedom Restoration Act during a performance there at the March Madness Musical Festival. The 27-year-old singer called the act “bullsh*t,” and urged the crowd to chant “F*ck that sh*t.” Watch the video below.

Following Rihanna’s emotional debut of her new song “American Oxygen,” the singer didn’t hold back about what she felt about Indiana Governor Mike Pence signing into legislation a bill that allows business owners, based on their religious beliefs, the right to turn away lesbian and gays. “Who’s feeling these new bullsh*t laws that they’re trying to pass over here? I say f*ck that sh*t. I wanna hear you say, ‘F*ck that sh*t’ ’cause we’re just living out motherf*cking lives, Indiana!” Rihanna then launched into her song “Live Your Life.”

As Gossip Cop previously reported, Miley Cyrus also slammed Indiana and called Governor Pence an “a**hole” in a Twitter rant. Cyrus also took to Instagram to add, “You may hear that this bill isn’t what the big bad liberals are making it out to be! That this isn’t a discriminatory act it is just to protect the ‘consciousness’ of Christians! To judge anyone for how they want to express themselves or their love to another human is WRONG.” Check out the video below of Rihanna slamming Indiana, and tell us what you think.”

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