Claim: Rihanna and Colin Farrell “Getting Serious”

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By Daniel Gates


HollywoodLife has fallen in love again – with a completely random rumor that raises eyebrows at less gullible outlets. Under the headline, “Colin Farrell & Rihanna Getting Serious,” the site spreads a report that the two stars have “fallen hard for one another and it’s moving quickly.”

Supposedly, the two stars “really hit it off” after meeting on “The Graham Norton Show” back in December, and now Rihanna will reportedly fly from her Australian tour leg to Los Angeles to meet Farrell’s children this weekend.

“Wow, didn’t it seem like just yesterday she was dating baseball player Matt Kemp and then linked to Drake?” marvels HollywoodLife. “This girl doesn’t waste any time!” Uh huh.

And HollywoodLife doesn’t “waste any time” either… with annoyances like checking facts, seeing if a story passes the smell test, or looking for any kind of evidence that the two stars have been dating at all – let alone “getting serious.” Gosh if everything was believed that they claimed on Rihanna, she’d be dating the whole of Hollywood.

Three weeks ago, Gossip Cop busted a false report, claiming Rihanna and Farrell were sexting each other. Still, we still checked out this latest tale, and a source close to Farrell assures us that HollywoodLife’s story is entirely “not true.”

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