Rihanna “Hooking Up” With Dane Cook To Make Chris Brown Jealous?!

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By Michael Lewittes



The National Enquirer reports that “Rihanna has found a way to get back at her two-timing bad-boy beau Chris Brown — by hooking up with comedian Dane Cook!”

The mag says Rihanna and Cook “have been pals for years, but their friendship has heated up in recent months because Rihanna wants to show Chris that she’s still a hot commodity.” Because the best way for a woman to prove she’s desired is by getting together with a “quirky comic,” as the tab labels Cook?

Anyway, the Enquirer notes that Rihanna met the comedian after attending one of his shows at the L.A. Laugh Factory comedy club, quoting a purported “insider” as saying, “They hang out in Dane’s dressing room and sometimes he goes back to her Pacific Palisades home to party.” Ah, yes, because people totally refer to each other’s residences as their “Pacific Palisades home” in regular conversation.

The tab’s alleged “source” further claims, “They flirt like crazy, and Dane regularly sends Rihanna flowers and gushy emails,” adding, “Rihanna’s friends all think they’re carrying on a romance, but she’s very secretive about it. She wants to keep everyone guessing, including Chris.” Well, we’re scratching our heads at Gossip Cop.

It’s simply mind-boggling to us that the Enquirer could turn Rihanna attending one of Cook’s stand-up shows into some sort of “revenge” romance against Brown. Still, we checked in with a Rihanna insider, who confirmed that the tab’s tale is completely untrue.

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