CLAIM: Rihanna is “Interested” in Rekindling with Chris Brown

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By Michael Lewittes


RIHANNA IS ‘INTERESTED’ IN REKINDLING THINGS WITH CHRIS BROWN!!!!” reads the headline of a piece from MediaTakeOut, where someone seriously needs to learn how to unlock the caps key. The site says it “spoke with a person close to Rihanna today who told us some EXPLOSIVE NEWS.”

MediaFakeOut’s “insider” claims “Rihanna is ‘open’ to the idea of dating Chris Brown again,” but noted, “The court wont (sic) allow them to commuicate (sic), but I can tell you Rihanna misses him.” “Things went really badly in that relationship,” says MTO’s source in classic understatement, adding, “But they’ve both grown… she’s open to see where things lead.”

The only thing that’s “explosive” here is how MediaFakeOut, once again, bombs. MediaTakeOut, of course, is the same site that previously (and wrongly) claimed Chris Brown was dating Kim Kardashian. (Yeah, still not happening.)

Nevertheless, even if Brown’s restraining order was lifted, and he was allowed to get within yelling distance, Rihanna is currently NOT “open to the idea of dating” Brown, nor is she “open to see where things lead.” The singer’s interest in “rekindling things” with the rapper who beat her is about the same as MTO’s accuracy – ZERO.

A source close to Rihanna tells Gossip Cop that MediaTakeOut’s tale is… “NOT TRUE.” Now that’s how you use caps! It should also be noted that MTO used an old photo (above) of Rihanna and Brown to illustrate its story and convey that she’s interested in rekindling, but the picture is obviously misleading because Brown is not allowed near Rihanna nor is she interested in jumping back into his arms, in a pool or anywhere else.

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