Rihanna NOT Getting “Boob Lift,” Despite Report

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Rihanna Boob Lift

By Michael Lewittes


Rihanna Boob Lift

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Rihanna is not looking to get a “boob lift,” despite a new report. Gossip Cop can, pardon the pun, bust this exclusively. The story was first published in the latest issue of OK!

The tabloid quotes a so-called “source close to the singer” as saying, “Rihanna feels like her boobs are starting to droop because she rarely wears a bra.” The alleged source adds, “It’s driving her crazy because they’re barely a B cup and she thought they’d stay perky, but every year they get lower and lower.” Not surprisingly, OK! has its fake “source” also note that breast lifts are “very invasive,” and Rihanna is a “wimp when it comes to surgery.”

None of this, Gossip Cop has learned, is remotely true. It’s all fabricated. A legitimate source within Rihanna’s camp completely scoffed at the tabloid report. Of course, OK! knew there was a good chance Gossip Cop would bust them on this phony report, which is precisely why the magazine threw in that line about Rihanna being reluctant to undergo a “boob lift.”

You would think OK! would try to get better Rihanna sources after all its inaccurate stories about the singer. Remember, this is the same tabloid that wrongly claimed Rihanna had a “no-strings-attached” sexual relationship with Eminem, was “getting frisky” with Joe Jonas, was “hooking up” with Usher, and was “secretly dating” Justin Timberlake. None of those stories were true, as Gossip Cop reported at the time, and neither is the latest drivel about her wanting a “boob lift.”

In real Rihanna news, the singer will be coming out shortly with her eighth album. You excited for new music from Rihanna?

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