CLAIM: Rihanna “Furious” Over Beyonce’s Surprise Album Release

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By Shari Weiss

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“MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE DRAMA: Rihanna And Beyonce Are FIGHTING . . . . We Got ALL THE EXCLUSIVE DETAILS INSIDE!!!” blares a MediaTakeOut headline. Oh, do tell. The webloid writes, “Today was supposed to be ALL ABOUT RIHANNA. Rihanna and Eminem currently have the number ONE single on the Billboard charts – MONSTER. And Rih is set to release the VIDEO today.”

“But all everyone is talking about is BEYONCE’S ALBUM, and the 17 videos she released on Friday,” says MediaTakeOut, and now “Rih is FURIOUS with Beyonce.” Citing a (cough) “TOP SOURCE,” the outlet claims, “Rihanna feels that Beyonce PURPOSELY released her album on Friday to UPSTAGE Rihanna.” “Rihanna and Beyonce have always had a very cordial [relationship], but they are definitely competitors,” says MTO’s “insider,” who adds, “[I think] Beyonce definitely pulled a power play and let Rihanna know who the Queen is.”

So this “top source” simply “thinks” Beyonce purposefully dropped her album on Friday just to mess with Rihanna’s video release days later? That’s some rock-solid reporting right there. Anyway, MediaFakeOut further alleges, “We’re told that Rihanna contacted HER MANAGEMENT” over the timing, “and CUSSED FOLK OUT.” Those are “exclusive details” all right — absolutely wrong ones, though. First off, the “Monster” video is really Eminem’s, not Rihanna’s, as she is featured on his track. Secondly, Gossip Cop investigated and no one could confirm MediaTakeOut’s claims of a sudden feud between the two singers. In fact, a source close to Beyonce further laughed off the allegations, saying speculation that her album release had anything to do with Rihanna is ridiculous. Of course, MediaTakeOut is the same outlet that claimed Beyonce was faking her pregnancy, and said Rihanna was going to tour with Chris Brown.

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