CLAIM: Rihanna and Amanda Seyfried at “War” Over Ryan Phillippe

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By Michael Lewittes



Rihanna & Amanda War Over Ryan,” reads the headline of a piece in OK!, which goes on to claim, “Ryan Phillippe gets close to Rihanna – and Amanda Seyfried is Furious.”

According to the mag, at Rihanna’s 23rd birthday party on February 20, “Phillippe stuck close to her side” since he’s “now hot and heavy” with the singer.

OK! further says a partygoer heard Phillippe tell Zac Efron at the birthday bash that he and singer are “just having fun,” noting “it’s more physical than anything.”

As for Rihanna, she “thinks Ryan is hot” and “likes a guy with a little edge, a little bit of a bad boy,” says a so-called “pal.” Uh, huh… So, how does girlfriend Amanda Seyfried feel about all this?

She’s “furious – and determined to fight for her beau of three months,” writes OK! Here’s what not OK – this story.

Far from having a “physical” thing, Phillippe and Rihanna “barely know each other,” a source close to the Cruel Intentions star told Gossip Cop. And Seyfried is not “furious” with anyone other than the media, which has been wrongly reporting that her boyfriend’s hooking up with Rihanna. Seyfried recently told paparazzi, “The Rihanna story is not true… It is so f***in’ not true.”

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