Ricky Manning Compared To Robert Pattinson On The Voice Before Steal Shocker — WATCH VIDEOS HERE!

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Ricky Manning The Voice Knockout Steal Video

By Shari Weiss


Ricky Manning The Voice Knockout Steal Video


Elyjuh René and Ricky Manning shined on “The Voice” on Tuesday with a little help from a superstar named Taylor Swift. The contestants were competing in the just-started season 7 Knockout round, in which the coaches watch two of their artists perform before picking only one to keep on their team.

Unlike the previous Battle round, this time the contestants got to sing a song of their own choosing. And instead of each coach having their own adviser, Swift helped out all the contestants.

When it came time to work with Rene and Manning of Team Pharrell, Swift called Rene “unique,” and she said she was “enamored” by his rehearsal. As for Rene’s teammate-turned-competitor Manning, Swift said he looked “Robert Pattinson-y,” and encouraged him to play with his eyes, and use his “intense look.”

The Pattinson advice seemed to pay off. Both went on to nail their respective performances of “With You” by Chris Brown and “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus, but it was only Manning who left the coaches in awe with Cyrus’ ballad. Gwen Stefani said Manning’s performance was “incredible” and “insane.” Adam Levine declared, “A star is being born,” and Blake Shelton called it his “favorite performance” of the Knockouts so far.

And then the most amazing thing happened. Even though Pharrell agreed with them on Manning’s obvious success, he chose to keep Rene instead, apparently seeing the fact that he has “more work” to do as a good thing. The fellow coaches were completely shocked by his decision… and then Stefani used her only steal of the round on Manning, saving him from elimination! She felt it was such a score, she even commented, “I feel I might have just won ‘The Voice.’ Your performance was amazing!”

That was also the second time Pharrell chose Rene over a seemingly better contestant. As Gossip Cop reported, during the Battle round, many online watchers thought Maikya Sykes beat him, and yet the coach chose to keep Rene and sent Sykes home.

Did Pharrell just make a huge mistake? What would Swift think? What would Pattinson? Check out the videos below!

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