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Reports blaming Christie Brinkley for Alexa Ray Joel issue are tripping

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By Michael Lewittes




“It seems that a nine day vacation to Turks and Caicos with her mother, Christie Brinkley and half siblings Sailor and Jack led Alexa Ray Joel to attempt suicide!” writes Perez Hilton, who lifted an equally inaccurate report from the New York Post.

Perez, who didn’t call a single person close to Brinkley or her daughter to see if the story was true, continues, “She may have already been depressed from her breakup with musician Jimmy Riot, but it was the constant fighting of the past few days that put her over the edge.”


There’s more about how Alexa Ray and Brinkley fight “regularly over issues relating to Billy Joel,” but Gossip Cop will stop this nonsense right here.

First of all, Gossip Cop has known Brinkley for close to two decades — almost the entirety of Alexa Ray’s life — and the supermodel is an attentive supermom. In fact, the last time we saw her – about three months ago – she was having dinner with, that’s right, Alexa Ray.

And Perez and others, who repeated this story without fact-checking, haven’t been in touch with those close to Brinkley and Alexa Ray the way Gossip Cop has since the incident on Saturday.

Flat out, their recent vacation to the Turk and Caicos islands, which Brinkley documented with happy photos of the family on her fan page, did NOT put Alexa Ray “over the edge.”

A rep for Brinkley told Gossip Cop that the “fighting” on vacation theory is “so untrue,” and everyone we checked with as well not only echoed that sentiment, but were appalled that such an article could be written without verifying whether it was accurate.

What happened with Alexa Ray had nothing to do with her and her mom’s trip, and Gossip Cop hopes that this unfortunate situation with the younger Joel isn’t further exacerbated by additional false reports.

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