Reese Witherspoon: My Friends Are “Southern Mafia”

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Reese Witherspoon Southern Mafia

By Daniel Gates

Reese Witherspoon Southern Mafia


Reese Witherspoon talks about her close-knit group of friends in the new InStyle, and how she feels more supported now than before. “I learned a few years ago that there are people who don’t want good things for you. You’ve got to get away from them. Now I surround myself with supportive friends,” the Oscar winner tells the magazine. “I have a close group of girlfriends I call my Southern Mafia. One’s from Oklahoma, one’s from Arkansas, another’s from Tennessee. I get a lot out of my relationships with them.”

How do the “mafia” members help each other? “Parenting, getting through your marriage, getting through your day, these are hard things, and I find solace in the fact that other people struggle with the same stuff I do,” explains Witherspoon. “We all have concerns about our kids, our marriage, our dreams.”

The 39-year-old actress says she’s “finally gotten to an age where I’m not afraid to have an opinion.” Witherspoon tells the outlet, “I was always pretty outspoken, actually, but now I’ve learned to say sorry when I make mistakes, too… I’ve always been a little spitfire. Sometimes it’s gotten me into trouble.” What do you think about what Witherspoon has to say?

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