Reese Witherspoon is NOT Pregnant

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By Daniel Gates

Reese Witherspoon is NOT Pregnant


In the time since she and Jim Toth got married in March, Reese Witherspoon has been the subject of pregnancy rumors. Has there been any actual reason to think the actress is expecting another baby?

Of course not. But the tabloids needed to speculate about something, and they could no longer allege there were problems in Witherspoon and Toth’s relationship. So instead they chose to steep even lower.

Last week, In Touch wrongly claimed the actress had bought maternity clothes while honeymooning in Belize. Now, HollywoodLife is rehashing that bogus story with its own typically insulting observations.

“By the looks of it, baby number three might already be on the way for Reese!” shrieks the site, which hallucinates “baby bumps” nearly everywhere it turns. HollywoodLife specifically refers to Witherspoon “showing off some new curves” at the Barcelona premiere of Water for Elephants. “Look at those boobs!” exclaims the site, under two photos of Witherspoon taken a couple of months apart. “Could she already be expecting the baby of her dreams?”

Actually, just the baby of HollywoodLife’s “dreams.” Despite presenting pictures (above) that seemingly serve as proof for the webloid that the actress is expecting, Witherspoon is NOT pregnant. A source close to the actress exclusively tells Gossip Cop pregnancy rumors are “not true.” Once again, HollywoodLife’s fertile imagination and indifference to the facts have resulted in mere baby blather.

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Reese Witherspoon is pregnant.

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