Red Carpet Prankster Vitalii Sediuk Makes New Apology, Says “I’m Changing My Life”

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By Shari Weiss

Vitalii Sediuk Apology

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Vitalii Sediuk, the red carpet prankster who was arrested in May for accosting Brad Pitt, says he’s leaving the United States.

As Gossip Cop has reported, over the years Sediuk has targeted everyone from Will Smith and Leonardo DiCaprio to America Ferrera and Adele.

The Russian born faux-journalist now tells The Hollywood Reporter that he’s sorry for his behavior, and he’s giving up the obnoxious stunts.

“I would like to thank Hollywood for having me this two-years-and-a-half. It was an experience that taught me a lot in life,” says Sediuk. He continues, “Most importantly, I would like to say sorry for celebrities that had to deal with my stunts and thank them for being tolerant to me all this time.”

Sediuk insists, “The motivation behind all my pranks was always positive even when some of them went wrong and were not understood by the public.” “I came to the decision to move overseas but there’s some part of me that will stay in this city,” he says of Los Angeles. “I know you will not miss me.”

Following the incident with Pitt, the jokester was banned from Hollywood events. Sediuk’s new plan? “Basically, I’m changing my life,” he further tells the outlet, claiming he plans to start a modeling career in London. Sorry, England.

Tell Us: Do you believe Sediuk is really giving up celebrity pranks?

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