CLAIM: Rebel Wilson “Out of Control Diva” on Super Fun Night Set

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By Shari Weiss

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Rebel Wilson is an “Out-Of-Control Diva,” screams a headline in the National Enquirer, which claims the “bossy” star is “turning the set of ‘Super Fun Night’ into a not-so-super fun place for her co-stars!”

The supermarket tabloid mean-spiritedly alleges that “the plus-size funny lady has an ego as big as her girth,” and claims Wilson has “been super-bossy and controlling” with her on-screen pals, Lauren Ash and Liza Lapira.

“Rebel can be a b*tch, and she’s already managed to completely alienate Liza and Lauren,” a “source” tells the Enquirer. “She can’t get her mind around the concept of an ensemble comedy.”

Uh, that seems strange, given that Wilson starred in two very successful ensemble comedies, Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids.

Anyway, the supposed source goes on to claim that since Wilson also produces and writes for the ABC comedy, “she buzzes around the lot in a golf cart at breakneck speed like she’s God’s gift to television.”

“Twice she nearly slammed into Lauren and didn’t even apologize,” says the Enquirer spy. “She dominates the crew the same way and has developed a reputation as a bulldozer.”

And after a “couple of screamfests,” both Ash and Lapira have allegedly “threatened to quit,” says the tab, whose supposed snitch claims Wilson “doesn’t care” and has, in turn, threatened to “fire” the women.

“Success has definitely gone to her head, and she treats her co-stars like hired help,” adds the Enquirer “source.”

Here’s what’s true: Wilson is on the show “Super Fun Night.”

Here’s what’s not true: Pretty much everything else.

A source close to Wilson assures Gossip Cop that the mag’s story is “completely false.”

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