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Bad Sequel: No Juice to Robert Pattinson Steroids Claim

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By Daniel Gates


Showbiz Spy and others are reporting today that Kristen Stewart has denied Robert Pattinson uses steroids.

Well, that’s a relief . . . wait, what???

Gossip Cop follows all things “Twilight” pretty closely, but can’t recall EVER hearing accusations that the British heartthrob was, as they say, “on the juice.” So it was suspicious when outlets today began to pick up quotes that Stewart “recently” gave reporters, supposedly about Pattinson’s body. “Yes, he’s jacked. It’s absolutely crazy,” the actress said, adding, “He’s definitely not on steroids.”

Hmm. Wasn’t most of the talk on the “New Moon” set (back when they were, you know, filming it instead of the next installment, “Eclipse”) about how Taylor Lautner beefed up for his role as hunky Jacob Black?

Yeah, it was, and so were Stewart’s quotes.

She gave them while promoting “Adventureland” at a press junket way back in March, and she was talking about Lautner, not Pattinson.

Oops. Gossip Cop hopes the “Twilight” sequels themselves turn out to be better than the rumor sequels the media puts out.


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