Barron Hilton Cried, “Do You Know Who My Sisters Are?” Says Puncher Ray LeMoine

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By Michael Lewittes

Barron Hilton Fight

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Ray LeMoine, the man who allegedly punched Barron Hilton at a party for Art Basel, is now sharing his side of the story in a detailed blog post for Calling the young heir “Conrad Hilton’s spoiled sperm experiment,” LeMoine writes, “In the morning I woke up to discover that a bunch of people had been up all night doing Molly. My friend’s name was on the lease of this mansion, and we didn’t want anyone to trash it, so we started kicking people out.”

He continues, “I walked out to the patio, and I saw this blond brosef in a top hat and John Lennon glasses. He seemed nice at first, but when I asked him to leave, he went bonkers.” LeMoine claims Hilton said, “Don’t f**k with me. Do you know who my sisters are?” The nightclub writer alleges, “Barron got in my face and wouldn’t shut up about his stupid family. Eventually things got so heated that he pushed me. And that’s when the alleged assault, which of course I deny, took place.”

“I imagine he wouldn’t have even gotten cut if it wasn’t for those stupid glasses,” adds LeMoine. LeMoine goes on to say, “It’s funny that here in Florida, where George Zimmerman got away with shooting and killing an unarmed teen on public property, police are hunting me for allegedly punching some dude who stepped to me and wouldn’t leave my rental.” The writer reveals he’s now in the Florida Keys, sharing, “The Hiltons represent everything that sucks about America, and I’ll be happy to get away from them.” As Gossip Cop previously reported, Hilton is planning to sue Lindsay Lohan for LeMoine’s purported assault, even though LeMoine has said she had nothing to do with it. Lohan had been staying in the mansion with her boyfriend, but insists she wasn’t even at the party when the fight went down.

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