Radiohead “Surprise” Wall Street Protest Concert A Hoax

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By Daniel Gates

Radiohead is not playing a “surprise” concert for the Occupy Wall Street protesters in lower Manhattan today.

A number of outlets fell victim to a hoax that claimed the band would be performing at Liberty Park Plaza as part of the continuing demonstrations in New York’s financial district. The rumor began with a bulletin posted to Occupy Wall Street’s official site, claiming “Radiohead will play a surprise show for #occupywallstreet today at four in the afternoon.”

Given the band’s high profile and infrequent live performances, the news spread like wildfire through Twitter and blogs, fueled by outlets like Gawker, which claimed to have “confirmed” the news. There was never any actual confirmation, though, and Radiohead was never slated to join the downtown demonstrations.

“We wish the best of luck to the protesters there, but contrary to earlier rumors, we will not be appearing today at Occupy Wall Street,” wrote the band on its Facebook page. A number of sites continued to promulgate the rumor that the band would secretly show up throughout the afternoon, swelling the crowds in the park with hopeful fans.

Eventually, Occupy Wall Street admitted that they’d been “hoaxed.” “Completely our fault. Apologies. The band were victims in this hoax as well,” said the protest’s spokesperson. Whether this was a genuine “hoax” or a brilliant way of generating media attention for their cause, the Wall Street picketers will not be enjoying a free Radiohead show on Friday.

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