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Radar wrong about Chris Cuomo resigning from ABC

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By Michael Lewittes



Radar doesn’t take weekends off from being wrong. Today the site breathlessly posted,Chris Cuomo, one of ABC’s most high profile journalists, has resigned from the company,” and added, “Cuomo tendered his resignation by email.”

The report went on to say that not only does “Cuomo’s departure [come] amid growing speculation that the Good Morning America anchor chair is going to George Stephanopoulos,” but also that the highly popular “Cuomo may be headed to NBC’s Dateline.”

Here’s what’s right: The spelling of Cuomo’s name.

Here’s what’s wrong: Everything else.

Gossip Cop hears that Radar’s report is 100 percent inaccurate. Cuomo has NOT resigned from ABC.

We’re told Radar’s false alarm has sent shock waves through the offices of ABC, which is now concerned that they may lose the respected newsman, who’s being courted by other networks.

It’s well known throughout ABC that a Cuomo departure would not only be a huge loss to the news division, but it would also take a tremendous toll on the morale of the staff, which is  quite fond of Cuomo.

Just six weeks ago, Cuomo edged out Stephanopoulos in an AOL poll which asked who should fill Diane Sawyer’s seat on GMA.



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