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Rachel Uchitel tells Gossip Cop: “I’m Not Pregnant”

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By Daniel Gates




It’s been a bad day for Star magazine, and its most embarrassing blooper is on the cover, which touts the shocking revelation, “Tiger’s Lover Pregnant!”

“Tiger’s Worst Fear… Rachel Pregnant!” screams the article inside, claiming Rachel Uchitel “has told friends she could be carrying his baby!”

Wait… REALLY?!?

“As if things weren’t bad enough for Tiger Woods,” Star declares, “It’s about to get a lot worse.” The mag says Uchitel “told friends she was worried she might be pregnant” when she returned from a trip to Australia. According to the rag, Uchitel was “freaking out” when she was “two weeks late” after coming back from Melbourne, where she “hooked up” with Tiger and had “unprotected sex all the time,” a so-called “close friend” reveals.

Tiger was “even more alarmed,” the mag goes on to report, adding, “When Rachel told him she thought she could be pregnant, it scared the hell out of him.”

And if you think Star is using a past pregnancy scare to drum up controversy, think again. “Tiger and Rachel still love each other and it’s definitely possible they’ll meet up or go away together soon,” a “friend” claims, “Especially if she’s carrying his baby.”

Here’s the Tiger truth: She’s NOT pregnant!

How do we know?

Gossip Cop got Uchitel to address the ridiculous rumor directly. “I’m not pregnant,” she tells us.

If pregnancy is Tiger’s “worst fear,” is fact-checking Star‘s?


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