Prince Harry & Charlize Theron Flirting?

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By Michael Lewittes

Prince Harry And Charlize Theron


Prince Harry & Charlize Theron Flirting at Polo Match: Should Charlize-Alike Chelsy Davy Be Worried?” asks HollywoodLife in its latest manufactured drama.

The silly site then compares the two women, noting “They’re both blonde, they’re both African-born, and they almost have the same first name.” Almost have the same first name?! Huh?! Regardless, HollywoodLife goes on to ludicrously ask, “Was Prince Harry just a little confused when he was spotted giggling and flirting with Charlize Theron — or is he trading Chelsy in for an Oscar-winning blonde bombshell?”

Wait… Harry was NOT “flirting” with Theron but does HollywoodLife really think the young prince was “confused” as to whether he was speaking to his on-off girlfriend of many years – or a famous actress who’s nine years older than him? The blog then claims “it was obvious to all” that Harry and Theron were “enjoying each other’s company” on the sidelines of a polo match in England.

Finally, HollywoodLife further shovels more of it on when it writes, “Now that Prince Harry is firmly back as one of the world’s most eligible bachelors — and Charlize is very single (having broken up with Stuart Townsend last February) — could there be something brewing between the pair?” Uh… NO.

The two were simply at the same polo match, where they were chatting. That’s all. The only ones who should be “worried” are the readers of HollywoodLife, which stretches the truth more and more as it creates royally wrong rumors.

It bears mentioning that HollywoodLies, which had no proof of Prince Harry and Theron “flirting,” doesn’t even have a photo of the two talking. Instead, as is the webloid’s modus operandi, it takes a picture of Prince Harry and slaps an image of Theron on top of it (see above), all in an effort to convey something that’s not necessarily true. Regardless of the site’s trickery, there’s nothing going on between Theron and Prince Harry.

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