Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special: See Who Came Back From The Dead!

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Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special Recap

By Shari Weiss


Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special Recap

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“Pretty Little Liars” aired a Halloween special on Tuesday, a spooktacularly fitting concept given the show’s delicious creepiness. As Gossip Cop reported, the midseason five finale aired in August. Now this one-night only event gave fans a treat before A’s tricks return in the December Christmas special.

In past years, the “PLL” Halloween specials were actual episodes that bridged the plot between the midseason finale and premiere. This time around, the show changed things up by sticking with real-life, showcasing interviews with the cast about the show’s most frightful moments. And if that wasn’t enough, a number of characters came back from the dead! Er, we mean their portrayers returned to talk their characters’ freaky deaths. The special was even appropriately titled “We Love You To DeAth.”

It all kicked off with the stars reflecting on the beginnings of “Pretty Little Liars,” where they felt the show was something “special,” but really had no idea how big of a phenomenon it would become. After calling the fans “a force to be reckoned with,” Lucy Hale, Troian Bellisario, Shay Mitchell, Ashley Benson and Sasha Pieterse gathered in the Hastings home to answer fan questions.

Asked about some of the scariest A messages, they talked about the one hidden inside Benson’s mouth, and when they actually got fingers. They all agreed that the Halloween episode in which they were all in costume on the party train before getting caught in A’s web was one of the most suspenseful. And while the girls loved getting to dress up, Bellisario pointed out, “About eight hours into that costume, you’re so done with it. And then you have seven more days of that costume.”

Of course, what’s a “PLL” behind-the-scenes special without a segment about the show’s beloved relationships? One fan asked, “What it’s like working with all those hunky guys?” Mitchell quipped, “I wouldn’t know,” since her character Emily is a lesbian. Another fan even commented how Ian Harding is “so attractive,” and asked for his phone number! Hale reflected on having to go without a shirt for a recent love scene with Aria and Ezra, saying she was thinking at the time, “Well, we definitely know each other very well now!”

Similarly, Tyler Blackburn admitted that one of his earliest, and now most memorable scenes on the show, featured his character Caleb naked in the shower with Benson. Keegan Allen called Bellisario his “best friend,” and she pointed out, “I know the [Spoby] fans don’t like to hear this, but it’s like a brother-sister relationship.” Mitchell joked that one of her most romantic onscreen moments was when Paige tried to drown Emily.

The show’s producers also opened up about fans’ reactions to the relationship twists, such as when one mom complained that when it seemed like Toby was on the A team, she had “six teenage girls in my house that won’t go to school today because they’re so upset over this!” Mitchell even said, “The fan reaction videos are probably my favorite things to YouTube.”

Of course, despite the romances and interferences from A, one of the show’s strongest aspects is the friendship between the Liars. Hale said, “The bond between these girls, nothing can break it. These aren’t just friends. They’re sisters.” Said producer Oliver Goldstick, “This ensemble clicked from day one.” And creator I. Marlene King even said it can be hard to get through the ensemble scenes because the actresses just want to hang out!

Credit for some of the show’s scariest moments go to the crew, with the prop designers creating things like (fake) hands popping out of graves. One even admitted, “We try to put As in every set that we do. We try to be subtle about it.” Who knew?! And another explained that every interior set has some kind of hole that A could ostensibly be spying in.

Benson confessed that she believes in ghosts, and Hale said she even lived in a haunted house a few years ago! Janel Parrish said her fears are spiders and clowns, while Keegan admitted it’s ghost stories that get to him. On the show, Bellisario said her “scariest” A moment was when she had to run from Mona. Pieterse quipped of one of her infamous scenes, “Being buried alive is not fun. I don’t recommend it.” Of course, as Parrish pointed out, some of the scenes are “morbidly funny.” Others, though of course created for the show, are even creepy for the stars when filming, with Mitchell mentioning the scenes with the scary dolls.

One interesting fan question asked who the stars who they would like to play if there was ever a “switch-up” episode. Mona was a popular choice, since, as Parrish has pointed out, there’s been so many incarnations of her, including now, “RIPMona.” Aw. “This is my first time playing a villian,” she said, “and I have to say it’s so much fun.” Yes, Mona will live on… in flashbacks!

Andrea Parker, who played Mrs. DiLaurentis, admitted she “wasn’t ready to die,” even if her character was “really b*tchy.” Of course, she knows what really happened to her character… but viewers will have to wait to find out!

Also back from the dead, at least temporarily: Bianca Lawson, who called Maya a “free spirit,” and expressed disappointment that her full back story was never explored. Bryce Johnson (Detective Wilden) and Yani Gellman (Garrett) both joked about playing police offers that weren’t exactly on the up and up, and Johnson further joked about his casket being quite comfortable. Ian, played by Ryan Merriman, was one of the show’s original villains, and he reflected that his character “was a very, very bad boy. A snake with blue eyes.” Indeed!

Like Pieterse and Parker in those graves, the cast apparently tries to do its own stunts whenever possible. That includes the scene when Bellisario was actually locked in a dressing room with a snake! But those moment seem less challenging that “Fraturdays,” when the cast has night shoots that begin midday Friday and go through Saturday morning.

First up, though, is the aforementioned Christmas special. Blackburn noted, “Even Christmas in Rosewood is scary.” Harding quipped, “It was weird because we had snow in Burbank [California] in July. The producers promised “shocking revelations,” saying the episode “adds even more mystery, even better mystery.” CHECK OUT THE NEW PROMO BELOW!

And that wasn’t even the biggest tease. King revealed, “The identity of A will be revealed before season 7 starts.” For real this time?! StAY tuned!

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