Pretty Little Liars Recap: Alison Returns to Rosewood, Girls Get Tormented AGAIN

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By Shari Weiss



On Tuesday’s “Pretty Little Liars,” Alison finally went to the police as the girls were forced into a big lie while dealing with new mysteries and threats.

The second episode of season 5, “Whirly Girl,” began with Aria, Spencer, Emily, and Hanna returning to Rosewood with a reluctant and scared Ali after the dramatic events in New York.

They encouraged Ali to go to the cops and confess everything — “the Jenna thing,” A’s torment, Mrs. DiLaurentis burying her alive, Mona helping her escape and everything since then.

“Are you Detective Holbrook?” Ali asked at the police station. “I think you’ve been looking for me.”

But rather than tell the truth, Ali lied about her whereabouts, claiming she was “kidnapped and held hostage for two years,” and her friends “saved my life.”

Ali went on to spew more lies about her supposed male captor, but the story hardly made sense.

They were cut off when her dad Kenneth arrived, and they had a tearful reunion.

At Spencer’s house, her mom confronted her about knowing Ali was alive for a month and keeping it a secret, not giving much thought to the actual dead girl in her grave.

Hanna’s mom Ashley was more concerned with her emotional state, but she had no interest in talking, and Aria’s brother Mike overheard her talking about Fitz being in the hospital, and she vaguely said he injured himself in New York.

Spencer later angrily complained to Emily that A is dead, but they’re still stuck because of Ali’s new lie.

“Now all of a sudden we’re back in Planet Alison,” ranted Spence. “It’s like it’s 9th grade again and we’re back on the Whirly Girl ride.”

They were interrupted when Ali revealed she had received a new disturbing message reading, “The truth will bury you in a New York minute,” revealing that is why she had lied.

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Alison, in her bedroom for the first time in years, melancholically looked over all her clothes and possessions, and wondered with her dad where mom was.

Kenneth admitted to being worried about Ali’s safety, and vowed to protect her and help her “forget” her time away, and Ali cried as she thought about the life she once had.

Ali unsuccessfully tried to sleep, alarmed by every noise in the house, and laid quietly as Jason opened her door and creepily watch her.

Aria, meanwhile, had nightmares about killing Shauna, and was awoken by the sound of violins — the instrument Shauna played — outside her window, but with no person to be seen in the darkness.

The next day, Ali’s dad went to Hanna’s mom to share his worries about his ex-wife’s well-being, and begged her to hack into Mrs. DiLaurentis’ emails to find information.

Ali confronted Jason, inquiring why he hasn’t asked her much, and he replied that he was trying to give her space. And when Ali asked about her mom’s reactions to the news that she was alive, Jason said she was overjoyed.

When a dog shelter employee arrived to drop off as Lassie-like dog that Mrs. DiLaurentis supposedly planned to adopt, Ali accepted.

Mike ran into Mona, who revealed she ordered a box of whistles for every girl in school to have for when any dangers that arise, and he offered to be her “bodyguard,” saying, he missed her.

Spencer and Emily discovered that Jason had been in New York, and Emily theorized that Jason had been following Ali and is covering for his mother.

A paranoid Aria searched the internet to find if there was any news about Shauna’s death, and was disturbed when her iPod began playing violin music and couldn’t play anything else.

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Emily and Spencer took their theory to Ali, who wasn’t convinced, and pointedly asked Spence about their “shared brother.”

The pair then had it out about Ali’s lie to the police, and she explained she was trying to protect Aria.

Ashley was hesitant to go through Mrs. D’s emails, and Hanna got her to leave the room so she could see look herself, finding one from reading “I can’t protect you anymore.”

Spencer’s mood changed when Toby surprised her, and confessed that while Melissa claimed to have returned home after seeing him in London, he revealed he went to her supposed apartment and found Wren there, who said Melissa wasn’t in London anymore.

Toby explained that he went looking for Melissa for “answers,” and now he wanted them from Spencer about what happened with Ali’s return.

Aria, now panicked about their lies, Shauna’s death, and the continued disturbing messages, went to the barn to make it look lived in, to fit with Ali’s cover story, and angrily talked to Emily about whether A is really dead and her feelings of responsibility for taking a fellow teen’s life.

“I killed her, Emily, and I don’t know how I’m going to be able to live with that,” she yelled.

Spencer and Toby decided to, um, make up for lost time, and she told him that the next time he goes to London, she’s going with — and they’re “never coming back.”

Jason argued with dad about needing to go to Philadelphia to drop something off for a friend, and Kenneth suspected he knows something about Mrs. D, while Aria was alarmed to find Mona at her home hanging with Mike.

Mike sorta, kinda claimed responsibility for the violin music, saying he was working on a project, and when he left he room, Mona made snarky comments and gave Aria a whistle before Aria called her out for not being innocent herself.

Mona then revealed she knows about Fitz.

Hanna, after delivering a package from Ashley to Kenneth, filled Emily in about the email she found — it was written by Mrs. D and never sent — only to get frightened by Jason suddenly appearing at their car, telling her that his mom never asked her to go snooping around.

“So maybe it’s time people stay the hell out of places they don’t belong. That includes you,” he said menacingly.

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The duo followed Jason to an apartment building in Philly, but were scared away by a sketchy old man.

Spencer and Toby’s romantic time was interrupted by repeated phone calls, but she refused to answer and became emotional, and wouldn’t share what was bothering her.

Ali, dressed in a black hoodie, went to the mausoleum where she was memorialized, and was confronted by Mona.

Ali told her, “I had to come here to say goodbye. The girl they made that for, she really is gone. I can’t be that person anymore, Mona. I know you hated me and wanted me to go straight to hell. Going there was easy. It’s coming back that’s hard. I need you Mona, as a friend.”

Mona then confessed to sending the “truth will bury you in a New York minute” text.

“I guess I should’ve signed my name because I don’t have to pretend to be anyone else anymore,” she said. “I don’t have to hide. You do. And you’re going to wish you stayed dead.”

An exasperated Aria told Hanna and Emily that she wanted to go to the police with the real story, worried that Mona knew about Shauna and increasingly upset that she was being targeted again.

Emily was insistent on exposing Jason, believing that would solve their problems, and while they discussed the situation at Spencer’s house, Spence herself let her into Ali’s home.

She found Jason sitting in the dark, and she asked him about being in New York, but he refused to give any information, and became upset that she thought he was involved in Ali’s disappearance.

The dog barking led everyone outside, and when the girls and Jason went to the backyard, they found Mrs. D’s hand sticking up from the ground.

Police arrived to take her dead body away, as everyone stood around shocked and saddened.

Ali, still wearing the hoodie, cried alone as the scene unfolded before her.

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