Pretty Little Liars Recap: Ali Clashes With Caleb, Hanna Hits Bottle + Spills Secrets

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Pretty Little Liars Recap

By Shari Weiss


Pretty Little Liars Recap

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On Tuesday’s “Pretty Little Liars,” the Liars further investigated the mysterious death of Bethany Young as Alison’s reemergence in Rosewood continued to cause problems and Hanna hit the bottle hard.

The episode, called “The Silence of E. Lamb,” began with Emily’s mom back in town and wanting to offer her support to Ali via a group dinner with the girls. None of them were very interested, and Hanna seemed particularly tired of doing things for Ali, who was paranoid in the wake of A’s most recent attack.

Her fears were seemingly confirmed when it was revealed Sydney had listened to their whole conversation — but the new student continued her sweet, innocent charade and feigned ignorance about the rat in Paige’s locker. Emily accused Mona of being responsible, and the two traded barbs.

Hanna was surprised to see Caleb at school, where he planned to get his GED, and he quickly determined she was “bugging out” over Ali. He encouraged her to cut ties once and for all, but Hanna remained hesitant. She told him, “I don’t want to get over a weird custody battle over our friends,” prompting Caleb to reply, “Well if you lose them, you always have me.”

Aria began volunteering at Radley, and Eddie Lamb said he felt like they met before (see photo above). At an art session, the teen watched uncomfortably as the patients worked on projects. She took out Bethany’s sketch and added it to a pile, and was stunned to be called a “thief” by Bethany’s former roommate, Rhonda, who said the drawing was hers.

Ali approached Caleb at school with a friendly attitude, but he was less than interested in her pleasantries and jabbed her about her dependency on her friends. Ali argued he didn’t know her at all. “That’s right. I just know you from what you leave behind, like a tornado,” Caleb shot back. Spencer and Melissa had a heart-to-heart about their parents’ split and potentially selling the family home, and she was spooked when her sister disposed of a rat caught in a mouse trap, supposedly from their barn apartment. Ali left Hanna a “pissed” message in the wake of her conversation with Caleb, and Hanna yelled at him for getting involved. At her house, Caleb brought over beer and revealed he walked out of his test, and she demanded he leave — and he did, sans one bottle of alcohol.

At Aria’s request, Spencer went to Ezra’s to help him organize the files that they need to keep hidden, and they were torn over who should be getting close to Eddie. “Aria will be fine,” she insisted, and went on to ask his if she could borrow some of his surveillance equipment to keep an eye on her sister. After depositing everything into a friend’s shed, Spencer thanked Ezra for saving them on the roof in New York. He revealed that he initially intended to write a book about his own family and their estrangement, but instead he chose to focus on a “mystery” he thought he could get to the bottom of. “Not only did I not solve it,” he said, “but I probably made it worse.” He suggested they “put down the puzzles and walk away,” but Spence said she wasn’t ready to do that.

Emily and Mona went on to have another unsettling confrontation when she found Mona watching the reconstruction of Toby’s house. Aria had a confrontation of her own, with Rhonda who threatened to cut off Aria’s hands, and again suggested the drawing belonged to her. Aria handed it over, and they were interrupted by Eddie. Believing things were getting “interesting,” she texted Emily that she’d be late for their dinner. When Aria finally made her exit (with Rhonda’s sketch book in tow!), she was stopped by Eddie, who questioned what she’s looking for. Aria left without answering, and Eddie promptly called Ezra.

Hanna also tried to bail on the gathering, saying she “hit [her] Ali limit,” and when Emily demanded she still come, Em conceded that Ali has been “really needy.” At the dinner, Ali was charming Mrs. Fields before Hanna and her were left alone to continue clashing over Caleb. Ali encouraged her to “do the right thing for everybody,” and pretty much told her not to see Caleb anymore. That was enough to lead Hanna to sneak some alcohol from the Fields family stash.

Hanna, clearly tipsy, made pointed comments to Ali throughout the meal, and Emily became uncomfortable as Ali sought sympathy from Mrs. Fields over her supposed kidnapping. Emily realized Hanna was drinking vodka instead of water, and confiscated her keys. She somehow made her way to the café, where Sydney encouraged her to stay and hang out in order to “sober up.” Sydney (not so) innocently inquired about Jenna, and Hanna made vague yet telling slips about their complicated past, Shauna and New York. “Sounds juicy,” Sydney said.

Aria brought the sketches to Spencer, and the two realized that the drawing of Mrs. DiLaurentis was the last thing one made, but also uncovered other creepy drawings made about Ali’s mom — and one potentially connected to Toby’s mother’s fall from the Radley roof. When Aria left, Spencer’s anger over her family situation flared up in a tense conversation with Melissa. “This is not about love. If this was about love, there wouldn’t be bodies buried up and down the street. It’s about lies and whispered conversations. It’s about Alison, and what really happened to her. And what happened to that poor girl who ended up in the ground,” Spencer said. Melissa replied before walking out, “Sometimes people do things they can’t explain. Some things they regret. But it’s still about love.”

With everyone gone, Mrs. Fields admitted to Emily that she wanted Ali to come over so she could see them together, having figured out that her daughter had feelings for her friend before her disappearance. Emily’s mom went on to reveal that she and the police all know Ali’s story of her disappearance and return “has some problems.” “I can’t tell you how your heart should work,” said Mrs. Fields. “But just remember, you may have saved Alison once — you don’t have to keep saving her.”

Hanna passed up Sydney’s offer for a ride home when Caleb walked in, and the two moved past their earlier anger and tension. “I don’t want to talk about Alison,” she told him. “I want to talk about us.” Hanna went on to tell Caleb he’s been “on the fence” since her return, and there’s “no me and Travis, not when you’re back here. Caleb cryptically said that his time in Ravenswood made him “question a lot,” and he’s no longer the same person having learned “stuff” about his family and the world. Hanna suggested they start anew from where they currently are, and they FINALLY sealed it with a kiss.

Emily left a message for Paige, apologizing for their fight over Ali… and almost accidentally ended with “I love you” before catching herself. Meanwhile, Spencer continued to spy on her sister, but her cameras ended up catching Ali sneaking out of her home and walking past their yard. Aria was setting out to go to Spencer’s when Ezra showed up and revealed Eddie asked to meet him, only to mysteriously not show up. When she and Emily got to Spence’s, the trio wondered what Ali was up to, and Hanna arrived just as the other girls got a text from A…one that she didn’t receive.

It read: New York, New York, it’s a helluva town. Ali’s keeping secrets, maybe that’s because of Hanna’s big mouth. “Care to fill us in?” asked Spencer. The episode ended with A opening up an invitation for Aria’s mom’s engagement party that was meant to go to Emily’s mother. Hmmmmm.

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