Pretty Little Liars Recap: Drunk Hanna Gets In More Trouble, Alison Reveals Who’s “A”

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Pretty Little Liars Recap

By Shari Weiss


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On Tuesday’s “Pretty Little Liars,” Hanna continued her downward spiral when Alison moved in with her, while Spencer and Emily investigated a new lead about Bethany Young. It all led to a huge fight among the Liars… and a big bombshell.

The eighth episode of season 5, called “Scream For Me,” began the morning after where last week’s installment ended, when Ali snuck out of her home, and A exposed Hanna had some loose lips with Sydney.

Ali got grilled at school by Detective Tanner about Shauna, worrying the girls that it was matter of time before the truth about New York came out, and they were also upset that Hanna had carelessly opened her mouth. Though Ali had her bag with her at all times, she discovered her music sheets had all the A notes circled, with a message at the end reading, “Glad to hear you singing. Last time you were all choked up.”

A beer can fell out of Hanna’s locker, prompting Spencer to express concern about her drinking, and Emily to urge her to apologize for her misdeeds. Aria warned Ezra via phone about Tanner’s suspicions, and was surprised when her mom showed up outside the school, having just arrived back in town with fiancé Zach. Ella asked Aria to be her maid of honor and wanted to go look for dresses, but Aria kind of blew her off and used her volunteering at Radley as an excuse, but then swore she would make the appointment.

Emily tried to throw Sydney off by saying Hanna makes up things when she’s drunk and that they never went to New York, but Sydney played dumb, and then changed subjects by revealing the swim team wants her to be assistant coach. Hanna apologized to Ali for her comments at the dinner with Emily’s mom, and swore that they were “good,” leading Alison to ask if she could stay with her as her dad goes out of town.

Spencer spoke with Toby about Bethany’s scary drawings, and her connections to his mom and Ali’s. He revealed he enrolled at the Harrisburg Police Academy in hopes of getting information from the “inside,” but Spencer clearly believed it was a bad idea and they had a tense exchange.

At Radley, Aria was surprised to find out that Eddie was suddenly no longer working there, and snuck into Rhonda’s room to return the sketch book she took. She quickly made up a lie when Rhonda walked in on her, and the patient said she’d “forget” about the incident… for a price. Aria snuck Rhonda (a diabetic!) some snacks, and she admitted why she’s so curious about Bethany and her death, leading Rhonda to reveal that Mrs. DiLaurentis used to give Bethany gifts and even take her on special trips to the circus and horse stables.

Just as the talk was heating up, one of the supervisors caught them and sent Aria out. When Hanna returned home, she found Ali there giving her mom a sob story about her kidnapping, and Ashley said she’s agreed to let Alison stay with them. Ashley bought Ali’s whole story, and an uncomfortable (and jealous) Hanna said she had to bail to help Caleb study for his exit exams.

When they met up, Hanna started venting… and drinking… with Caleb suggesting they take a trip. She was non-committal, and snuck into the closed café to get a snack. Zach caught her, and smelling the whiskey on her breath, deemed her a “bad girl.” “Always had a thing for the bad girls,” he told her, saying he wouldn’t tell anyone about her drinking. “I can keep a secret. Can you?” If that wasn’t uncomfortable enough, he then suggestively rubbed Hanna’s back, and she made a quick exit.

Emily was surprised when Sydney showed up to her house with a sweatshirt gift, trying to convince her become the coach and stressing how much she needs a swim supporter. Sydney then tried to trip Emily up with a comment about New York, but luckily Emily didn’t slip up. Aria filled Spencer in on her Rhonda chat via phone , just as Ella walked in — furious that her daughter missed their bridal appointment. A wasted and upset Hanna, having gone to Caleb’s place to drink after the Zach incident, asked him to take her home, but he pointed out that he was in no condition to drive. He tried to instigate a makeout session, but she put an end to it, saying she was “drunk and tired” and needed to sleep, confusing and disappointing Caleb.

Hanna was missing from school the next day, further angering Spencer and Emily, but then she showed up totally hung over after having slept in Caleb’s car. Hanna confessed to them the “weird moment” she had with Zach, saying, “He put his hand on my back and it was there way too long.” They wondered if she was drinking and had misinterpreted, and Hanna snapped at them for not believing her, noting that she wanted to tell Aria as her mom’s engagement party was two days away. At the same time, Hanna’s mom stormed into her room, thinking she was not at school, but instead found Alison, who also should’ve been at class, too. “I heard someone last night, outside the window trying to get in,” an upset Ali told her, saying she couldn’t sleep and couldn’t bring herself to get out of bed. Ashley said she should “take the day off” as Ali cried.

That night, with Hanna having dinner with Caleb, Ashley offered to take Ali to dinner, but Hanna was actually sitting outside the café in her car. Zach surprised her by getting in her car… and asking if she was “feeling the same vibe” as he did, and gave her his number! He then touched her hand, and told her to “hit me up.” She ripped up the number when he left… and, duh, that was her evidence!

Meanwhile, Spencer and Emily went to the stables and asked a trainer named Declan about Mrs. D and the horse Rhonda mentioned, Custard. Declan revealed that Mrs. D had come with Bethany, and there was an incident: when Ali’s mom told Bethany to call her “Aunt Jesse,” Bethany threw a bucket at her. Spencer wondered if Ali had been there ever, and if she possibly lied about never having met Bethany. Despite it starting to storm, Spencer was determined to look around and see what else they could find out.

Getting ready for dinner, Ashley closed an open window in the kitchen as the rain started coming down, and then heard a disturbing noise… and then saw a figure pass by out of the corner of her eye. Huddled with Alison, the pair called 911 when the person exited through the back door… leaving a knife behind on the floor. Detective Tanner skeptically took a report about the “man’s shadow” they saw in the house, and Ashley questioned why Ali was being treated like a “criminal instead of a victim.” “There’s a predator out there, and you’ve been doing nothing — nothing — to make us feel safer,” ranted Ashley, demanding the person be caught “before he strikes again.”

Aria was working on place cards for the party when Hanna showed up soaking wet, and admitted, “Zach hit on me… He wanted to hook up with me.” Aria, however, was convinced she was making it up — or that she was the one at fault, yelling at her, “You’re the problem, Hanna. You’re always the problem. The rest of us is getting ulcers trying not to say the wrong thing, and you’re getting hammered and [talking] to Emily’s mom and strangers.” “If you wanna spiral out of control and self-destruct, by all means, go ahead,” she continued. “But I’m sure as hell not going to let you take my mom out, too.” With that, Hanna stormed out.

Despite the storm, Spencer and Emily went into one of the stables, where Spence was surprised to find her sister Melissa’s riding helmet, even though she wasn’t on the list of riders. The girls suddenly found themselves locked in with a horse that was freaking out because of the thunder, and Spence got hurt as they tried to escape. Later, Spencer was relieved when Toby came over, and he wondered what happened to her eye, prompting her to reveal they got “really close to getting kicked to death.” Toby said he was “tired” of feeling “powerless” thanks to A, and Spencer tearfully apologized for being unsupportive of his police plans. “If you becoming a cop is going to put an end to this, I say go,” she said. “Study hard. Graduate early. Because coming back to this house with my parents split up, Melissa being a part of this, it’s getting so much worse.”

Meanwhile, Aria watched Ella and Zach happily prepare decorations, and though she felt uncomfortable given Hanna’s comments, she played nice. Emily and Spencer went to Alison’s to help her gather more clothes while she stays at Hanna’s, and Spencer was outraged over A breaking into Ashley’s house. “Is this how it’s gonna be from now on? Our parents are going to be physically attacked too?” Spencer angrily exclaimed. “This is not the same A who got their jollies breaking into our lockers and leaving nasty notes, this A is…”

Then Alison dropped a bombshell. A, or at least A this time, was Noel Khan. She explained to the stunned girls, “I asked Noel to break into Hanna’s house tonight… I needed someone who mattered, like Hanna’s mom, to stop questioning what happened to me.. It worked, didn’t it?” The show then cut to a hooded figure putting a riding helmet by a coffin, and then reaching into a mysterious box. BizArre!

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