Pretty Little Liars Recap: Ali Attacked!

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Pretty Little Liars Recap

By Shari Weiss


Pretty Little Liars Recap

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Tuesday’s “Pretty Little Liars” kicked off with a bang — literally — as things picked up with last week’s massive explosion… and then another one.

As Gossip Cop reported, the jam-packed, super-dramatic 100th episode concluded with a bomb going off at Toby’s home as the Liars and their on-and-off significant others were gathered at Emily’s house down the street.

The sixth episode of season 5 continued immediately, with the girls’ phones going off with a message from A reading, “Did you miss me, bitches?” A stunned Emily said, “It can’t be — Shauna’s dead,” and the building exploded AGAIN just after Toby ran towards it.

Thankfully, he was safe and no one was in the house at the time, and back at Emily’s, everyone but her was now convinced that A was up to his/her old tricks. “Either Shauna can cause explosions from the grave or A is back,” declared Hanna, while Spencer said, “I think A took a nap and woke up tonight.”

The next day, Hanna went over to Caleb at the coffee shop, and he said there “has to be a reason” Toby’s home was targeted. The newspaper declared the incident the result of a natural gas leak, and he encouraged Hanna to go to the police with whatever info they have. “I can’t. It would unravel too much,” she said. “Things happened when you were gone. It’s not the same as when you left.”

Caleb said he “noticed,” Hanna said she didn’t know if and when he’d return, and he said he thinks he’s going to Montecito (where his mom lives) rather than staying in Rosewood or Ravenswood.

At Ezra’s, Aria exclaimed, “I killed an innocent person,” since A was clearly alive and well, but he pointed out that Shauna was hardly innocent. Ezra wondered if there was a connection between Bethany Young and Mrs. DiLaurentis, considering Mrs. D was on the board at Radley, and Bethany escaped from there and ended up buried in in the DiLaurentis yard.

Spencer, living at a hotel with her mom, was freaked out when she was confronted by her dad, and he denied any involvement in Mrs. D’s death. He insisted that he and Melissa were talking at the lake at the time of the murder, but wouldn’t say what the topic was.

At school, Aria told Spencer that she and Ezra “had a slip… well, technically it was two slips.” Spence reminded her that Ezra “deceived you for years,” and their tense talk was interrupted by Alison, Emily and Hanna. Ali was then sent a video that showed her mother being buried with the message, “I buried your mom the same I watched her bury you.” Of course, the footage automatically self-deleted.

At Hanna’s, the group wondered who this A was — and if she was responsible for Mrs. D’s death. Spencer cried over accusing her dad of a murder he seemingly didn’t commit but Aria raised the question, “Unless your dad’s A….” They didn’t think her sister Melissa was ruled out either, and while Emily remained skeptical of everything, Alison was positively frightened.

“I can’t wait around for answers. I need to leave town now,” Ali said, saying she only came back because she thought A was dead. Hanna wondered why A didn’t kill Ali already if she could, and Spencer wondered that with the world knowing she’s alive, where could she hide now?

At Radley, Spencer met up with Eddie, the worker whom she befriended when she was institutionalized, and she picked his brain about the Bethany-Mrs. D connection Eddie hinted to knowing Bethany, but said he couldn’t talk about it to anyone.

Travis showed up at Hanna’s, where Ali was still hiding out, and he told her that she stood him up on dinner plans. Hanna insisted she forgot due to things going on, and apologized for her drinking at Lucas’ party. He reminded her that she spent the night trying to call someone, but she insisted she didn’t remember and that things were “great” between them.

After Travis left, Hanna overheard Ali on the phone with someone, making plans to leave. “I can’t live in a world where I jump every time the doorbell rings,” Ali snapped, insisting Hanna not try to stop her or tell the others. “I’d love to stay, but I can’t. Not when that psychopath is still out there. She added, “Don’t worry. When I’m gone, you can go back to focusing on your little love triangle.” And Hanna then vowed to help her.

Back at Ezra’s, he and Aria sorted through old boxes and came across a sweet photo of themselves. Ezra said the other night “felt right,” and Aria admitted to missing their romance at times, but labeled their rendezvous a mistake, saying they can’t go back after all the “lies” he told.

Detective Tanner suddenly showed up to Erza’s and handed him a mysterious envelope that was outside his door as Aria hid. Tanner was suspicious, naturally, about the boxes, and said she had questions about Shauna.

Ezra said her body being found in his family’s theater “came as quite a shock,” and Tanner revealed that Shauna had gun residue on her sweatshirt — clearly trying to connect it to Ezra being “mugged” the night before.

At the school pool, Emily demanded Paige give her the names of Mona’s conspirators, and insisted that Mona manipulated the video footage of the church slap. “Ali isn’t sorry about how she treated anybody. She’s the same manipulative person she always was,” Paige jabbed in disagreement.

Emily said that whoever blew up Toby’s home was targeting Ali, and asked her, “Could you live with yourself if something happened to her knowing you could have done something to stop it?” At dinner, Spencer’s mom insisted her dad was still lying, and was not pleased to see him show up at the restaurant, as planned by Spence herself.

Ali arranged to take a train to meet Noel in Princeton, New Jersey, but Hanna wanted to drive her — and supply her with clothes to boot. Before their departure, Ali said she wanted to see her dad and get some things from their house, and they would meet up later. “Thank you,” Ali told her. “You’re really saving me, Hanna.” But their hug seemed more like a “goodbye” than a “see you later.”

Aria feared Detective Tanner would return with a search warrant, knowing that Ezra’s hiding something, and she wanted to quickly get rid of the boxes, volunteering to put the items in her attic for now. When Ezra opened the aforementioned envelope, he found a creepy drawing of Mrs. D watering her roses with monster standing behind her — and it was signed by Bethany.

Aria quickly suspected A was responsible for passing it along, and Ezra remembered he still had his security cameras set up in the hallway. Paige apparently told Emily that Jenna and Melissa were working with Mona, and she shared the news with Hanna, and said she wanted to go tell Ali.

Emily then saw the train confirmation, and realized that Ali planned to leave Rosewood. “How could you let her go without telling us?” she exclaimed, going on to accuse Hanna of being upset about Ali’s return and it affecting her identity.

The argument escalated with Hanna pointing out their hold-handing, and Emily said Ali was just scared before storming out. Back at the school, a rat fell out of Paige’s locker. Cue screaming! At home, Ali was disappointed her dad wasn’t there, and told him via phone that she would sleep at Hanna’s.

She went on to take her emergency money and multiple IDs from her bedroom — but was SMACKED with a cane and CHOKED before she could even leave her house. Amazingly, Emily arrived just in time to rescue Ali and began fighting with the hooded person, who then made a quick escape.

Ali refused to go to the police, and Emily in turn refused to let her leave town that night. Hanna went to see Caleb, and opened up to him about her feelings over Ali and A. “Part of me wanted her gone,” Hanna confessed. “I still do… want her gone.”

Caleb understood, but said Ali leaving town won’t change her feelings, cryptically adding, “I left Ravenswood and what happened there is still with me.” Hanna once again asked what exactly happened, suspecting that Miranda was only a piece of the story, and told him she wants him to stay in town now. Rather than respond, he offered a flask, which she accepted.

Looking at the surveillance footage, Aria wondered if Ezra should tell the cops that Shauna shot him, but he said then they would know he’s hiding a lot more. Aria apologized for getting him into the mess, and Ezra reminded her that he got himself involved when he started writing his book.

They held hands as the footage showed none other than Eddie leaving the envelope at his door, and Ezra explained that he had interviewed him for the book. They concluded that Eddie wanted to help them. At Emily’s, all the Liars but Hanna gathered to discuss the new developments.

“It wasn’t A. Whoever it was could’ve killed me and chose not,” Ali said of her attacker, as Emily wondered if Lucas or Melissa was the guilty party.

Aria shared the drawing Eddie supplied, and they agreed that someone needed to get inside Radley to find out more. Just then, Ali received a text message reading, “See how easy it is for me to kill you. If you leave Rosewood, I will. – A”

“A wants you alive and in town,” Emily declared, prompting Spencer to ask, “What’s worse than death?” Ali later thanked Emily for “risk[ing] your life for me,” and the romantic tension was palpable. “I don’t want to be alone tonight. Can I stay here?” she asked. “We can just sleep. I promise.” Emily accepted — but didn’t join Ali under the covers, instead laying atop and watching her sleep.

The following day, Spencer meant her mom at the café, where they expressed their sympathy for Toby’s family and their ruined home. Mrs. Hastings said she and Spence were moving back to their own home — but Mr. Hastings was moving out. “We decided it was the best thing for everyone,” she said, explaining that her dad has told “years” of lies.

Spencer cried as she begged her mom to give one more chance, and Mrs. Hastings said she has already given too many. At school, Hanna got the cold shoulder form Travis when she invited him to lunch, and she apologized for never calling him, blaming Ali’s return.

Travis, however, called her out on being “distracted” by Caleb’s return, and told her, “I’ll give you one less thing to worry about.” “I can’t keep doing this if you’re only in it half way,” he said. “I like you too much for that.” He then walked off, seemingly making an official breakup. At Radley, Aria applied for a job and said she would be “comfortable” working there.

Outside Ali’s home with Emily, Detective Tanner showed up looking for her father. She then said she wanted Ali and her dad to come to the police station to answer questions about her “childhood friend,” Shauna “So much tragedy for such a small town,” said Tanner pointedly, going on to tell Ali she wanted specifics on her whereabouts the night of the killing.

As Tanner left, Ali received a new text: “Time for the caged bird sing — A.” The episode ended with A — seemingly dressed like the Black Widow — arranging flowers and a sympathy note for Bethany’s parents. ScAry!

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