Pretty Little Liars Recap: Caleb Confesses About Ravenswood, Melissa Reveals Secret

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Pretty Little Liars Recap

By Shari Weiss


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On Tuesday’s “Pretty Little Liars,” Emily investigated Alison with Ezra’s help, Hanna tried to find out what’s been troubling Caleb, and Melissa finally told Spencer her big secret.

The 11th episode of season 5, called “No One Here Can Love or Understand Me,” began with the Liars headed to the police station to make their big confession, vowing after this, “Ali’s on her own.” But before they could, they were taunted by a message from A pointing out that he or she has proof they knew Ali was alive, with the pointed note “We’re all in this together.”

Their plan was aborted, leaving Spencer crestfallen, and Emily wondering if Ali herself was behind the latest stunt. “Or A wanting us to think it’s Alison,” pointed out Spence just as she received a call from Ali herself and opted to hit the mute button. As Alison next tried Emily, Em expressed regrets over letting her get between herself and Paige.

Hanna went to Caleb’s, only to find him react aggressively when she surprised him with a kiss while he was passed out drunk, prompting an argument over their apparent deal to quit drinking. Hanna told him how they’re “back where we started” with Ali and A before storming out. Aria, meanwhile, went home to find none other than Mona there with her brother Mike, and went on to warn their father that their possible re-coupling was a “bad idea.” At the same time, Emily went to Ezra’s to clue him in about Ali knowing her “kidnapper” Cyrus, and she showed him a pic of the pair at an ATM, and Ezra vowed to investigate.

The next day at school, Emily tried to reconnect with Paige as they discussed the swim team, and both agreed they needed to “talk.” The girls also fretted over Mona, A, and Ali, before Hanna asked Spencer for info on her sober coach, Dean, in hopes of helping Caleb. Spencer opted to enlist Toby’s help for Caleb (“never underestimate the power of a good bromance”) before discovering a note from Melissa, revealing their father was taking her to the airport and she would explain later. Toby and Spence spoke about Caleb’s drinking, with Spencer noting he’s been “different” and looks “haunted,” and Toby suspected it had to do with Ravenswood.

The girls were now stressed over Melissa’s mysterious disappearance and Ali seemingly leaving town, too… and then things became infinitely worse when Detective Tanner confronted them in town. Tanner initially played nice, assuring them they shouldn’t worry about the missing Cyrus being caught, before asking who they thought killed Bethany Young, since she was murdered the same night Ali was kidnapped. The cop pointed out that, despite Hanna, Emily and Aria’s non-answers, they’re all connected to Bethany because her body was found 30 feet from their sleepover.

The questioning left Spencer panicked, but her attention turned back to Melissa when a “personal and confidential” package arrived. It included a DVD of Melissa’s confessional, started at the end of last week’s episode, in which she said their father wants her to go back to England, and has wanted her to since she told him her secret. Melissa explained, though, that she couldn’t leave without telling Spencer the truth, unsure if it would help her but at “least you’ll know.” She went on to reveal that she saw Spencer, shovel in hand, fighting with Ali the night she disappeared… and then saw the “body.”

Melissa actually thought Spence had killed Ali but couldn’t bear to look at the body’s face (now known to be Bethany), instead pushing it into the open hole in the ground and covering it with dirt — even though she actually wasn’t dead. She was a stranger, and I buried her alive, because I thought I was protecting you,” confessed Melissa. She sadly noted that she had gone from “survivor to predator,” and bid her sister farewell after expressing her love.

Despite the huge revelation she just received, Spencer moved forward with a double date between herself and Toby, and Caleb and Hanna. But it went south right off the bat when Toby immediately brought up their concerns and Caleb got defensive, saying, “Who died and made you Oprah?” The girls left the guys to talk alone, and Hanna was upset that Caleb didn’t feel comfortable talking to her. “If you love someone, you should be able to tell them anything,” she argued.

Caleb, meanwhile, made excuses for his drinking and continued to it blame it on sleep issues, warning Toby not to “push” the Ravenswood issue. “What are you so scared of that you would push Hanna away?” asked Toby. But when the conversation became more tense, Caleb abruptly stormed out, leaving Toby feeling “mad at myself” and like he “screwed up.” He noticed Spencer, too, seemed upset, and asked what Melissa sent: a “going-away present, a little forget-me-not,” she said. “I think it was the truth,” she went on. “But now that I have it, I don’t know what I’m going to do with it.”

Later at home, Spencer tortured herself by rewatching Melissa’s video, and crying over the fact that her sister actually killed someone, and had been hiding it all this time to protect her. At the same time, Emily ran into a dressed-up Paige at the café, and sure enough, she was headed out on a date… at the same place Aria was watching a show with her dad, Mike and (ugh) Mona. Aria whispered something to Mona, who then left the theater, and when she didn’t return, Aria found her crying in the bathroom. “You’re very good. You know right where to put the knife and know how to twist it,” Mona told her. “Alison underestimated you.”

Mona went on to say Mike deserved someone “nicer,” and that her family was right to dislike her, before explaining that her bad behavior was always an attempt to protect herself from Ali. “Maybe I should’ve just died when I fell off that stupid cliff,” she cried. Mona continued, “When she finishes with me, she’ll come after you and the others. She can’t trust you anymore — not after Cyrus, and not after New York.” She cryptically, and still tearfully, said she “knows some things” about New York, and “can guess at some others.”

Emily, meanwhile, met with Ezra, who revealed he discovered Cyrus has multiple identities and past arrests for petty acts, but no convictions. Caleb eventually returned home and was packing up when Hanna turned on a light to reveal her presence, prompting him to lash out with, “I shouldn’t have come back here. But you had no right to pull some stupid intervention on me!” Caleb yelled that he could take care of himself, but Hanna insisted “this time you’re wrong and you know it.” “Caleb, I will fight for you,” she cried, “but you have to trust me. If we don’t trust each other, I might as well just help you pack.”

At home, Aria was shocked when Detective Tanner arrived, having called earlier and saying she wanted to talk to her dad. Tanner and Byron traded barbs about how the investigations have been handled, and she pointed out that her homicide case has become “complicated” due to all the “smart” people involved. “You want to know if the police are interested in Aria? We are. She may not be involved in the homicide, but we’re certain she’s part of the complications,” said Tanner in her typical b*tchy fashion. She went on to insist that she hasn’t been harassing the girls, but has been waiting for one of the them to “step up and tell me the truth,” revealing that one will… tomorrow.

Spencer and Emily later assured Aria they weren’t the aforementioned “one,” and they quickly realized it had to be Alison. Emily revealed what Ezra and she had uncovered, with Aria noting that sharing it with the police would effectively be the end of Ali’s kidnapping charade. The episode then went to Caleb and Hanna mid-conversation, talking about Ravenswood… and “Ravenswood.” “They called it a pact, but what this town made was a a contract,” Caleb explained, saying how they opened all of the jars and “released whatever was inside.”

He went on, “Then the woods were filled with fireflies, millions of them. They drifted up into the trees, and they were gone. Mrs. Grunwald called it great ascendancy.” After that, “no demons, no messages and no revenge…” and no Miranda, “she was gone,” leaving Caleb worried about whether he helped or hurt her. “You did help her Caleb, and now you’re back with me,” she told him, to which he replied, “And not the same person as when I left you here.” Caleb went on to show her a Ouija board, saying it’s not a toy but real and something to be “afraid” of.

“Hanna, there’s a whole ‘nother world right past the corner of our eye, and I’ve seen it,” he went on, saying he can’t sleep because he’s afraid of his own dreams. He revealed, “After she died, first time Miranda talked to me was in a dream. And I’m just afraid she’s gonna show up again and she’s going to tell me that I’m all wrong, and that she’s not okay, and it’s my fault.” Hanna said she, too, has changed, and they will “get through this.” “I didn’t come this far not to have a happy ending,” she told him before they embraced with a kiss. At the very same time, the Oujia board pointed to “goodbye.” Wow.

Spencer showed a shocked Aria and Emily Melissa’s video, and they discussed how Bethany was wearing another set of Ali’s clothes on the night in question, making them wonder if there was some plan for Bethany to take Alison’s place. The episode ended by cutting back to Caleb sleeping as Hanna made a call, with someone seemingly watching them from outside the cabin… along with a ton of fireflies. Next week, everything will come to a head in the “fAtAl finale.” BrAce yourselves.

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