Pretty Little Liars Premiere Recap: Girls Held at Gunpoint — But Is A Dead?!

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By Shari Weiss



“Pretty Little Liars” had its highly-anticipated season 5 premiere on Tuesday, with the fight against A continuing — and taking new twists.

As Gossip Cop reported, the fourth season ended in March with Alison finally telling the girls all about her absence, before a confrontation with A led to Ezra getting shot as he tried to protect them.

The episode picked up immediately after the shooting, with the stunned girls watching as police interviewed frenemy Noel and took Ezra away in an ambulance — with A hiding on top of the vehicle.

A even sneaked into the hospital, watching as Ezra was brought into the operating room.

Ali, now firmly believing her mom isn’t A and that Ezra knows who is, was grateful to him for saving their lives and was determined to find out what he knows.

Spencer, Hanna and Emily headed to the hospital first, hoping to get A’s attention so Aria and Alison could be with Ezra… with A’s gun in hand.

Back at the Hastings home, Spencer’s sister Melissa and their parents reeled from the news that Alison is both alive and that their daughter had known.

Melissa was quick to blame Alison for Spencer’s recently-renewed troubles with pills, and slammed the teen for letting everyone think she was dead.

She was about to tell her mother “something you need to know,” prompting her dad to get a look of an alarm on his face, but was interrupted by police arriving at their doorstep, telling them that CeCe escaped from police custody.

Detective Holbrook said Spencer “could be in more danger than ever,” and asked for any information he had yet to be told.

Just as Melissa was about to speak, her father cut her off, claiming they had nothing more to share.

During the trip to the hospital, Alison told Aria that Ezra kept on his search for her and A because he wants “to win you back,” and asked Aria if he has a “chance,” but she replied she couldn’t think about that currently.

Meanwhile, Mona angrily watched a news broadcast about Alison, and sternly told an unseen person, “This changes everything.”

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At the New York city hospital, A disguised him or herself with hospital gear, but backed off from closely watching Ezra when he saw the police.

The trio of Hanna, Spencer, and Emily spotted their mysterious enemy, and settled in the waiting room, where A watched them and sent a text message reading, “It’s happening. Follow the leader.”

He walked away, and the girls attempted to follow him.

As Aria and Alison asked a nurse for information on Ezra, an announcement over the loudspeaker asked for Alison DiLaurentis to go to the Emergency Room.

Ali left the hospital instead, and seemingly unbeknownst to the rest of the girls, had A following her.

She began to run after they came within mere feet of each other, but was ultimately cornered in a playground with the person saying in a creepy voice, “Want to play? It’s over!”

Suddenly, Spencer, Emily and Hanna appeared, revealing this was all part of their plan — to get A’s attention and corner him or her — but A was “one step ahead of us,” because as Hanna attacked the person with pepper spray, a number of other hooded figures appeared and began terrorizing the girls.

It was all broken up when police drove by, sending them all scattering but grateful that A was away from Ezra, who had successful surgery to remove the bullet.

It was then revealed that Lucas was the person with Mona, who learned the Liars were in New York, and said “more people” would be joining them.

Melissa told her dad that she can’t keep the secret anymore, wanting to tell Holbrook the truth and give Spencer a “reason to come home,” but he insisted her mother cannot know.

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Holbrook was notified that Ezra was shot, and Aria phoned with the girls and revealed that with Ezra’s mom on a flight from Sydney, she was the only one there for him.

The girls feared that with Ezra secured, Alison would be the night’s target, but she had said she a place they could go.

She took them to a New York theater, with a flashback that revealing Ezra once took her there, where they discussed her outlandish stories and Ali discovered his family owned it, and that he was a “rich boy pretending to be a poor boy.”

Since then, Ali had spent the night there several times, and the girls made small talk that she couldn’t relate to, having been living her life in hiding for the last two years.

Ali said she had “friends” to call to let know she was safe, but Hanna, Spencer, and Emily were suspicious.

Spencer worried that Alison was “already shutting us out again,” and they talked about reconciling her past and present as she slept nearby.

Emily believed that everything would be resolved in just a few hours, when Ezra could tell them who A is, and they pondered what their future might be like.

“Now I just really wanna be happy,” Spencer said.

Later, as they all slept, Alison was awakened when a hand was placed over her mouth — by CeCe, who came seeking her help and said Alison owed her after she helped in Ravenswood.

They met with Noel, who arranged for CeCe to leave town, leaving Ali sad but CeCe vowing that they “always find a way back to each other.”

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Shauna surprised Aria at the hospital, saying Ali sent her to make sure she was okay, and while Aria rejected the “watchdog,” Shauna refused to leave.

Aria later fell asleep, and awoke to find Shauna gone — and in Ezra’s room, where he was unconscious and stable.

He opened his eyes just as Aria came to his beside, and he began to have some medical emergency.

Emily was awake and pissed off when Alison returned to the theater, saying they’re “all in this together,” and Ali told her “there’s some things you don’t have to know about.

“It’s better that way,” she insisted, but Emily said “that wasn’t a good enough answer.”

Mona convened a group of people — Lucas, Paige, and others — saying the one thing they all had in common was being bullied by Ali, and explaining she wanted them all to band together.

“The bigger we are, the harder that she falls,” Mona said.

Just as Paige was about to leave, not wanting to take part, Melissa joined them, saying they didn’t have much time.

Ali ultimately revealed to Emily that CeCe had been an ally to her (and to Ezra as well), helping to distract A by impersonating her, and said she didn’t want everyone to know because they didn’t want CeCe to get caught for killing Detective Wilden — or have all of them potentially get in trouble for knowing and helping her skip town.

Meanwhile, Detective Holbrook had pieced together that Ezra Fitz was really Ezra Fitzgerald, and called the theater where Ali answered the phone, believing it was Aria.

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As Holbrook sent police to the theater, the girls avoided answering the phone again, and Aria went in to see a re-stabilized Ezra.

She took his hand as he opened his eyes, and promised him that he would “be okay.”

He took off his oxygen mask and whispered something alarming to Aria, who ran from the room.

Spencer wanted Ali to leave town after the call — though Ali didn’t say it was Holbrook on the phone — and was angered when she revealed that gave away her passport identity, and refused to say for whom she made that sacrifice.

As the girls were about to leave the theater, they were suddenly stopped by a gun-wielding Shauna — presumably that is who Ezra uncovered to be the latest A, who shot him, and whom he told Aria about moments earlier.

“Couldn’t have picked a better place to end your story,” she told Alison.

The girls were shocked that Shauna had turned on Ali (and that she had set the lodge fire back in season 3), and begged to know why she was doing this.

Shauna said, “I’ve got so my answers from all the people you hurt,” but was ultimately seeking “justice” for Jenna.

The girls tried to intervene, but Shauna told them to “get back or I’ll blow your head off.”

Aria, however, sneaked in and smacked Shauna from behind with a prop gun, sending her flying off the theater stage and crashing onto the ground below.

She was dead, eyes wide open, with a pool of blood beneath her head.

Spencer told Aria she did what she had to do, that Shauna would’ve killed them all had she not taken action.

“It’s really over,” said a shell-shocked Aria as they all huddled together.

Before they fled the scene, Spencer anonymously called the police reporting an “accident,” leading the cops to discover Shauna’s body at the theater.


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