Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Finale Recap: Alison Tells All and SPOILER Is Shot!

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By Shari Weiss


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“Pretty Little Liars” promised its season 4 finale would feature Alison telling all.. and she did, mostly. On Tuesday’s highly-teased episode, the Liars, Aria (Lucy Hale), Spencer (Troian Bellisario), Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Emily (Shay Mitchell), finally found out what really happened the night Ali (Sasha Pierterse) disappeared, but let’s start at the beginning.

It all kicked off with the girls reunited with enemy Noel, who promised to deliver Ali to them. He actually came through, with Ali revealing their foe is trustworthy because “he has secrets, too,” and the group of friends all got to hug for the first time in years. Ali said she couldn’t come home until they discover who A is, saying she hopes telling them about that fateful night will help them figure out … otherwise she will disappear again… for good.

Detective Holbrook interviewed frenemy CeCe about Officer Wilden’s murder, and she claimed to know who killed the girl that’s really in Ali’s grave. “The same person that’s still trying to hurt my friend,” she told him, confirming to him Ali is alive. Ali revealed to the Liars that she initially suspected nemesis Jenna of being A, but was quickly proven wrong, while the girls’ parents worried about their whereabouts, with Holbrook executing a search warrant at Spencer’s home. Ali said she suspected everyone, including her best pals, and said she had videos she could use to blackmail all of them in trying to figure it out, but also knew A’s death threats were very real.

On the night of their infamous sleepover, her mom Mrs. DiLaurentis told her not to go, believing Spencer was the bully and her family was dangerous. Ali snuck out anyway, joining the girls in the barn, where she slipped her mom’s sleeping pills into their drinks, believing that if they were passed out and she got a message from A, she could cross them off the list. She confirmed to Spencer that boyfriend Toby wasn’t A, either, and revealed that their sleepover was interrupted by none other than Erza.

Ali confessed that she first met Erza at a pub years ago, but when he found out that night that she was still in high school, full of lies, and fearful that she would get hurt, he confronted her before anything could happen between them and vowed not to see her again. She further told an upset and confused Aria that Ezra is now looking for her, because “he thinks if he saves me, he’ll win you back.”

After the Ezra run-in, Ali said she found Melissa’s boyfriend Ian at the Kissing Rock, where the two argued about ending their dalliances, and she demanded to know about the videos of everyone she found on his computer and the mysterious N.A.T. Club, threatening to reveal all the footage if the taunts continued, believing he and his friends might be A. Ian warned her that everyone would suffer if she did expose the clips, and Ali returned to the barn to find Spencer awake and waiting for her.

Meanwhile, Holbrook separately interviewed Spencer’s parents and her returned sister Melissa, with it revealed her dad had suspected a drugged-out Spencer of being involved in the murder, while the police uncovered the girls were in Philadelphia using a GPS cell-phone tracker. Mrs. DiLaurentis was at the police station, too, where she found out for sure that her daughter was still alive, and refused to discuss it with former cheating partner, Spencer’s dad.

Spencer told Ali that because of her addiction, she didn’t remember why they argued that key night, and it was revealed they were fighting about Ian and Melissa when Spencer picked up the shovel and lunged. Instead of making contact, as Spencer feared she did, she actually fell, and Ali uncovered her pill bottle and speed addiction, and, promising to keep it a secret, told her to go back to the barn and sleep it off.

After, Ali confronted Aria’s dad about his affair to see if that would help narrow her list, and then returned to the barn where she waited for another message. When nothing came, she went home feeling victorious and spotted her mom in the window — only to be hit in the back of her head with a rock as her mother watched in horror. But instead of getting help for her daughter, the distraught matriarch presumed she was dead… and buried her in the backyard alive, repeating over and over to an unseen person, “What have you done?” leading Ali to believe she was covering for someone they knew, and still is.

As previously revealed, Mrs. Grundwald later pulled Ali out of the makeshift grave and took her to the hospital, where she ran away — and was found walking the streets by a nerdy and sketchy Mona, who took her to the Lost Woods Resort under the name “Vivian Darkbloom.” As the pair wondered who would try to kill her, Mona suggested letting A think she did indeed die by disappearing, and Ali accepted her help — unaware the real reason she wanted her gone was to make her own life better and torture the rest of the girls.

As Spencer’s dad worried at the police station that he didn’t protect his daughter enough, working all these years under the assumption that she committed murder, Melissa told him she didn’t do it… and then whispered something alarming in his ear. Ali revealed to the Liars that after she disappeared, she didn’t want to come home until she knew who her mom was protecting, but once Mona began hurting the girls, she returned to Rosewood and tried to secretly help them from the continued torture — protecting Spencer from Ian in the bell tower, pulling Hanna out of the fire and more.

Just as the police arrived interrupting Ali’s story, a masked gunman began shooting at the girls and chasing them throughout the building and onto the roof. Ezra suddenly appeared to protect the girls, just as the gunman got close, and as Ezra said he knew who the person was and the police were on their way, a fight between the two ensued and shots were fired. Hanna was able to steal the gun during the tussle, and with it pointed at him, the gunman teased the girls by starting to lift off his mask… and then jumped to a nearby building and disappeared, just before Ezra collapsed, revealing a gunshot wound to his abdomen and losing consciousness.

As Aria and Ali cried and the girls panicked, the show cut to its signature closing tease… showing Mrs. DiLaurentis unconscious, possibly dead, and getting buried, just like her daughter was. Woah. Season 5 begins on June 10. TELL US: What did you think of the season finale?

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