Pretty Little Liars 100th Episode Recap: Ali Caught in Big Lie, Caleb Returns, Romantic Reunions, and a Friggin’ BOMB GOES OFF!

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By Shari Weiss


pretty little liars 100th episode recap

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“Pretty Little Liars” aired its long-awaited 100th episode on Tuesday. And, boy, did they deliver with a jam-packed hour that included Alison’s unwelcome back to Rosewood High, Caleb’s return and perhaps the most insane cliffhangers in the show’s history.

It all started with Hanna and Travis working on a school project together, but she was upset and worried she and her friends would be viewed as Ali’s “puppets” when she makes her grand entrance at school. At the same time, Aria and Ezra took a walk, where she confessed to still being preoccupied by Shauna’s death, and he told her, “I wish I could fix this for you.” Aria caressed his face after the sweet sentiment, an intimate action that took them both by surprise. The two came upon Ali talking to someone in a mystery car, and she claimed it was just one of her dad’s employees. “Is this a date?” she asked them, and both immediately said no.

Just then, who gets off the local bus? JENNA! Toby questioned whether Ali has really “changed” due to her time away, and Spencer expressed skepticism, too, and he reminded her, “It’s okay to close the door on someone if they’re toxic.” They were interrupted by a call from Jenna, whom Toby said had been living in New York. She called to reveal she returned home, distraught after finding out about Shauna’s death.

The Liars convened for a meeting about Jenna’s return and the news of Shauna’s death spreading, and Aria said it would be okay if Spencer told Toby the truth. Emily and Hanna worried Jenna was “back to punish us,” and Ali seemed to agree. “The new normal was supposed to be a care-free senior year,” said Spencer, and Emily noted, “A’s dead and we’re still plotting our defense zone.” Ali, however, insisted, “It’s not going to be us against them tomorrow. Just like I’m working to earn back your trust, I’m going to make amends with everyone I hurt.”

The next day, everyone stared as Ali walked onto the school property… and hugged two nerdy girls. Then Ali and her friends walked into the halls together, as everyone continued to stare, before Emily escorted her to the guidance office. Spencer was called to the principal’s office, where she found her mom waiting to deliver some shocking news. “I’m leaving your father… and you’re coming with me,” declared Mrs. Hastings.

Lucas told Hanna that he has a girlfriend, who will be coming in from Philly to meet all his friends at a party. Hanna said she’d go with Travis, and Lucas quickly made a secretive call. At home packing, Spencer seemed scared and upset while Mrs. Hastings was panicked and tearful as the two had words over why they’re suddenly leaving home. Spence’s mom revealed she had a private investigator uncover that it was a lie that Mr. Hastings and sister Melissa were out of town when Ali’s mom, Mrs. DiLaurentis, was killed, further fueling the theory that they were responsible. The two vowed to take care of each other, while Hanna, Emily and Aria worried about their friend.

Things turned tense, however, when Aria said she wanted to see Jenna after school, leading to snide remarks from both Hanna and Emily. Aria shot back, “If Jenna’s broken because of what I did… I don’t know, maybe there’s something I can do to help… I’ve gotta find a way to live with what I did in New York. I can be sorry for her loss. That’s what I can do.” Emily later made movie plans with Sydney, and then attempted to comfort Paige over leaving school early over Ali’s return, reminding her to be “brave.”

Aria ended up letting herself in to Toby and Jenna’s home and bedroom, where she found Jenna, still blind, crying on the floor. She made a quick, silent exit, even though Jenna asked if someone was there. Emily arranged a meeting at her house between Paige and Ali, and while Ali took on a conciliatory tone, Paige was immediately defensive. Ali told her, “Paige, I am ashamed of the way I treated you. I put people down to feel better about myself.” “You were a terrible person, Alison. And I hated you for it. I didn’t care if you were dead. I was happy you were gone,” Paige told her, questioning if she’s sorry for herself or for her actions. Ali replied, “For all of it.”

Spencer went to Hanna’s, where they talked about the crazy possibility that her dad and sister may have committed murder — and she cired about her parents splitting up. “We’re here for you Spence, I promise,” Hanna told her. Ali wanted to hang out some more after Paige left, but Emily revealed she had plans already… and Paige was coming, too. Emily was caught off guard when Ali asked if she could still hang at her house while she’s gone, but ultimately said yes. Ali went on to make a major apology: “I always made you think your feelings for me were one-sided. That wasn’t true. Those kisses weren’t just for practice.” Emily was now even more caught off guard, and didn’t know what to say.

Hanna was shocked to sre Caleb at the coffee shop, and she asked him when he came back from Ravenswood (and “Ravenswood”!), and why he hadn’t called. Caleb seemed irritable and on-edge, and he abruptly ended the conversation when he saw her coffees were marked “Hanna” and “Travis.” At Lucas’ party, Hanna repeatedly tried to call Caleb, who wouldn’t answer, and was clearly getting tipsy on the punch. Travis cut her off, and curiously, Lucas’ supposed girlfriend was nowhere to be found.

At the movie outing, Paige found out that Jenna was back and Shauna was dead, but Emily was evasive when Sydney wanted details on who they were. Ali was walking home when she was startled by a car suddenly shining her lights on her… but not as scared as Aria was when she came home to find Jenna waiting for her, and demanding to know why she was at her house earlier. Aria explained, “With Ali back, it’s bringing up a lot of stuff for everyone. And we all feel really terrible about our part in the accident. I may be the last person on Earth that you wanna talk to right now, but for two years we thought Alison was dead, so I know what it feels like to lose someone.” Jenna pointed out that Aria still has her friends, while she has nobody left. But as she cried, Aria invited her to come in and Jenna accepted.

Meanwhile, Ali was still being followed by the car, and sought refuge at the church, sending an SOS text to her friends. Before anyone could respond, she was confronted by none other than Mona. “You don’t scare me, Mona!” Ali told her immediately, to which Mona shot back, “You’re not as good a liar as you used to be.” Mona said she could prove that they were all in New York the night Shauna died, and demanded to Ali that she leave town. Ali pointed out that Mona herself became a bully the last few years, but Mona said she’s regretful and psychologically better, which Ali doubted.

The two went on to spar over whether Ali was welcome back at school, and who would reign supreme. “If you could prove that we were in New York, you would’ve done it already. I’m back and I’m staying — so get used to it!” Ali told her, adding, “I made you Loser Mona once, and you know I can do it again!” That was enough to lead Mona to angrily slap her, and Ali slapped right back! She even drew blood on Mona’s cheek!

Emily, Spencer and Aria later comforted Ali over the incident, and they all suspected Mona wasn’t working alone, that she was “ambushed” as the others (Lucas, Paige, etc.) all made sure the rest of the Liars were busy. Ali, of course, didn’t tell the whole truth, omitting the part about slapping Mona back.

Travis brought home a drunk Hanna, who told her mom that Caleb’s back before passing out. Emily got approval to stay overnight with a still-upset Ali, and they talked about the night Ali pulled her out of the barn fire. “You were the hardest one to leave behind,” Ali told her. Aria went to Ezra’s, where she still couldn’t stop talking Shauna, Jenna, and her guilt. The two had another intimate moment when Ezra went to wipe something off her lips. Pointing out that Shauna was far from innocent, Ezra lifted up his shirt to reveal his scar, “Do you see this? This is what she did to me. I’m lucky to be alive, and so are you.” “I’m so sorry,” Aria told him. Ezra replied, “I don’t ever want to hear you say you’re sorry again.” CUE MAKEOUT FINALLY! At the same time, Emily and Ali were laying in bed together… when Emily made a move and they started MAKING OUT!

The next day at school, Mona and her army confronted Ali about the church altercation… and she had video to prove the cut on her face was courtesy of Ali, telling everyone that she was a terror who would never changed. The Liars were shocked when the footage Mona managed to take indeed showed Ali slapping her (though it conveniently cut out Mona’s first slap), and they in turn confronted Ali about lying. She swore she was slapped first, and that she didn’t say anything about it because she felt badly about it. She further insisted that Mona set her up, and urged her friends to stand by her. They didn’t seem to buy what she was selling. Cut to none other than Sydney meeting with Jenna and Mona, informing them that the Liars are tired of Ali’s mean and untruthful ways. “Good,” responded Mona, “then maybe we can really get rid of her.”

Spencer finally told Toby what’s been going on with her family, saying, “Turns out the Hastings don’t need A to make a mess of things. We can do that all on our own.” “All I want you to know is that you’re never alone. Not even for a second,” he told her. And, don’t worry, Spoby got their own hot kissing session, too. Hanna found Caleb at the playground, and he didn’t look happy to see her as he drank from a beer bottle. “Travis is a nice guy,” he said out of nowhere. “I didn’t come back to screw that up.” He asked her if she changed her hair because of Ali’s return, and she admitted, “Probably.” She asked him if Miranda found her family, and Caleb said he didn’t know. “The night I left Ravenswood was the last time I saw her,” he cryptically revealed.

Ali went to Emily’s seeking forgiveness, and insisted she didn’t share everything “because I was afraid I was going to love you.” But Emily dodged a kiss, saying, “It’s not gonna fix this.” Their talk was interrupted by a news alert on the TV saying a press conference would be held because the Jane Doe in Ali’s grave had been identified. All the Liars and their on-and-off significant others gathered at Emily’s (Emily, Ali, Aria, Ezra, Spencer, Toby, Caleb and Hanna) to watch the news.

“Are they together now?” Hanna whispered to Spence when noticed when she saw Emily and Ali holding hands. Spencer didn’t answer, but instead commented on Hanna’s drinking. Then Caleb, who shared a weird look with Ali when he first walked in, actually took Hanna’s hand, and Ezra did the same with Aria. The police chief on screen said, “We received confirmation tonight that the name of the victim of was Bethanny Young. She was a 17 year old patient at the Radley Institution and was believed to have run away from the hospital on the night Alison DiLaurentis was allegedly kidnapped.”

Before they could even process the revelation… a BOMB EXPLODED. The blast shattered Emily’s living room window, and when they all managed to escape seemingly unscathed, they saw cars totaled outside… and Toby’s home on fire. It wasn’t clear if Jenna was inside, and as Toby ran into the burning building, all the Liars’ phones went off. The show then cut to a hooded figure unpacking belongings (tell-tale A possessions such as dolls and surveillance equipment) in a new home. WoAh! TELL US: Which romantic reunion was your favorite? Are you surprised Sydney was working with Mona? And who set off the bomb?!

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